Senior Spotlight: Bar Hass

As many may be aware, there are several students within the Yellow Jacket family that are active members on campus. However, some of these students are also staff members of The Yellow Jacket newspaper. Amongst these hard working individuals on The Yellow Jacket staff is senior Bar Hass.

Hass in an active member in various organizations on campus, including the Commons Activities Board (CAB) and Hillel.

Currently, Hass serves as this year’s Senior Sports Editor for The Yellow Jacket. In this position, he has had the opportunity to manage the sports section of the paper and contribute articles for each published issue.

“I really enjoy listening to the passion R-MC athletes have and continue to display towards their sports and teammates,” Hass shared. “Writing articles about their team’s successes and bonding has been an enjoyable experience.”

Hass gains inspiration from his classmates because they are so passionate and heavily involved in their sports. Therefore, he is always determined to do his absolute best to effectively highlight their experiences. However, many may not be aware that Hass is an athlete as well.

Hass has been in the training process to be a part of the Deaflympics. For those who are unfamiliar, the Deaflympics (formerly called the World Games for the Deaf, and International Games for the Deaf) is an international event created solely for deaf athletes to compete at an elite level. Although Hass is not fully deaf, his hearing impairment is significant enough to allow him to qualify.

“Since R-MC doesn’t have a track team, I have been training on my own 2-3 times a day,” said Hass. “I qualify for 4-5 events time and distant-wise.”

Hass has many aspirations for his future endeavors. In an effort to make his dreams a reality, he has been actively applying to positions with several rewarding companies, including the Peace Corps.

“My hopes are to work with students to help them polish their talents, character development, and find something they are passionate about,” Hass shared. “After hopefully doing this for a year or two, I plan on applying to joint nursing and public health graduate programs.”

In the meantime, Hass plans to finish up courses within his double major of Psychology and Sociology, alongside his Political Science minor.

“My only advice to younger students is to get involved with several organizations,” Hass said. “Get to know your limits, your interests, and your capabilities while you’re in college because stretching yourself thin once you graduate will be hard.”

The Yellow Jacket wishes you good luck on your future endeavors, Bar!

-Dory Jackson ’16, Senior Features Editor

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