Arboreal Form art relocation

Lost in a wrinkle of time, a long prevailing piece of art has shown its face once again on our campus. Located adjacent to Fox Hall, facing out towards Caroline Street, is the historic work of modern art that was graciously donated to Randolph-Macon College in 1986. The alumnus of the graduating class of 1927, Wesley H. Greene, made this gift possible. The piece was done by Marie Zoe Greene-Mercier, and offered to our campus in the name of appreciation for what we, the Yellow Jacket community, stood for in 1927, and continue to stand for today.

Originally, this piece of art was erected where the old Campus Center used to stand before the Brock Commons was built. Professor Gregory Daugherty was kind enough to take time out of his day to convey his second-hand knowledge of the artwork, which he obtained from conversation with former Randolph-Macon Professor Bruce Unger.

Professor Daugherty explained that R-MC eagerly accepts gifts such as this one. He said that most of the pieces of art located around campus have been made possible by the artists who designed them, and that they kindly have donated their creations to the College. He even stated that the street decals of the R-MC mascot and logo were a donation to the school.

“We accept gifts, just as this one, in the hopes that we will continue to receive even more. Randolph-Macon appreciates the generosity of these talented artists, and always welcomes new coming pieces that donors would like to send our way,” Professor Daugherty shared.

Professor Daugherty explained that some time ago, a grandiose tree had stood on campus outside of Fox where the work of art is now located. The statue was thus moved out of Physical Plant’s storage and named Arboreal Form, which translates to “of, or relating to the formation of a tree.” Not only was this an ideal and prominent location for this artistic masterpiece, it also stood in place of the tree that seemed to be forever rooted in the history of this campus. Out of respect for our generous donors, and in appreciation of fine modern art, everyone on campus is urged to try to visit the new location of Arboreal Form. A lot of time and effort was put into its preservation and relocation, and the piece of art has a mesmerizing effect on all those who stop by.

-Ian Ragland ’17, Junior News Editor

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