Senior Spotlight: Talbot Weston

One of the best qualities of the Yellow Jacket community is the students’ involvement in school affairs. Talbot Weston is one of Randolph-Macon’s most notable student leaders due to her continued efforts to help make this campus a better place.

Weston is heavily involved in many organizations and positions at R-MC, including Rho Lambda, acting as an Orientation Leader, and serving as the Assistant Coordinator at the McGraw-Page Library.

Although Weston may be the College’s current SGA President, this driven student had not always immersed herself within the world of politics. Surprisingly, attending Randolph-Macon was what kick-started Weston’s involvement in Student Government.

“As a freshman walking around the fountain during the Activities Carnival, I remember a member of the Student Government Association basically talked me into running for Freshmen Representative,” Weston said. “I took the chance, and actually was voted in as Freshman Class President.”

After realizing her interest in Student Government affairs, Weston decided to run for Vice President of External Affairs during the spring of her freshman year. Thereafter, she ran for President—a position that she has held for two terms. In fact, she is the second student in R-MC history to have accomplished this feat.

“It has been an extremely rewarding experience serving as the SGA President for two years,” Weston said. “It has taught me a lot about time management, delegation, and even a greater means of leadership.”

During her time as SGA President, she has helped to make beneficial changes to R-MC’s campus. For example, she helped to change the fob times for entering residence halls, which has been greatly appreciated by the student body.

Weston’s work in SGA has gifted her with many opportunities. Recently, she was selected to attend the College Affordability Roundtable in Washington, D.C. This unique opportunity brought together student leaders from 19 Virginia colleges in order to discuss an array of topics. U.S. Senators Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine organized the event.

“The senators made sure that every single student said at least one comment,” Weston said. “It was great to hear the experiences that some of the students are personally experiencing.”

Although Weston has plenty of political experience under her belt, she does not plan to work in politics on a professional level. One day, she hopes to become a pediatrics physician.

“I am going to be taking a gap year,” Weston said. “I will be studying for the MCAT exam and working, as well as trying to gain more experience within the medical field through internships, shadowing, and scribing.”

During the final semester of her senior year, Weston plans to complete her course work within her Biology major and Chemistry minor. In addition, she will continue her duties in SGA alongside her other involvements, which also include being an active member of Delta Zeta.

We wish the best of luck to you, Talbot!

-Dory Jackson ’16, Senior Features Editor

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