Virginia Historical Society

Virginia is one of the oldest and most historic provinces of the United states. For countless generations, mankind has evolved, adapted, revolutionized and progressed into the modern society we are today. Specifically, in Virginia, pivotal moments in our past took place that define who we are as a country. A chance to show your respect for your heritage and ancestors is available to us, as the patriotic enthusiasts of past culture and history.

If you enjoy history and architecture within spreading cultures, visiting the Virginia House on Sulgrave Road in Richmond might be a perfect day trip for you this spring semester. The house, which was originally dismantled in Great Britain and then transported to America, was designed by Alexander and Virginia Weddell right before the stock market crash of 1929. It stretches 10,500 square feet, and more than 500 artifacts are on display today in the historic home. There are also enticing images, videos, recordings, and digital hands-on interactive opportunities for all guests to enjoy. Maps, letters, and diaries from the ages of the first ever stone tools to be built will be on display. As more “time” passes through the exhibit, things as modern as a satellite built by high school students in 2013 is even touched on!

The moment you walk into the Virginia Historical Society building will be a memorable one. The various exhibits provide you a broad opportunity to build your knowledge base and show your appreciation for this state. In the “Changing Styles: 300 years of Virginia Art and Design exhibit, you get to experience firsthand how things have developed and evolved into what we know in the new world. As said by the Virginia Historical Society, “Styles tend to progress from – or react against – a preceding style.” Generally, a process like this takes decades upon decades to unfold. Now, you are able to watch it all happen right before your very eyes thanks to the beautiful display put on by Virginia Historical Society.

To offer one more avenue, a spectacular exhibit called “Landscapes of Virginia” showcases the wonderful variety of terrain that characterizes Virginia’s five main regions. That’s right, over a series of 21 landscape paintings, the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation sponsors this event that carries depictions of the Tidewater region, the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Valley and the Ridge, and the Appalachian Plateau.

For more information on all of these imminent exhibitions, check out The website provides information from past events, as well as notes when the upcoming events will be held. Brief yourself on an exhibit you might find interesting and plan your visit today with the help of their helpful online resources.

Whether your interests lie in landscapes, art and design, acreage of gardens and fielding, or decadent homes that portray Old-English character, the Virginia Historical Society can provide. Their enthusiasm and appreciation for the history of this state is shown through their numerous opportunities to self-teach, and wonderful displays of knowledge and artful recognition.

-Ian Ragland ’17, Junior News Editor

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