Study Abroad Photo Exhibit

All traveling enthusiasts must fly by the McGraw-Page Library to live vicariously through the photographs of Randolph-Macon’s study abroad students. Starting Monday, February 22, the Study Abroad Photo Exhibition will display some of the unique international experiences of various Randolph-Macon students. Destinations that may be featured include Cuba, England, Japan, and Scotland, just to name a few.

If you are interested in learning more about other nations and cultures, or just want to see photos of the international adventures of fellow R-MC students, this exhibition will be highly beneficial. In addition, if you plan on studying abroad at some point in your college career, this exhibition might give you a sneak preview of the countries and landmarks you may want to visit.

Not only is studying abroad a once in a lifetime opportunity, but the experience also looks great on a resume. Employers often look for candidates with foreign language skills who also have knowledge of a variety of different cultures. Madeline Wyatt ’17, who studies Archeology, Latin, and Classics, has had the distinct opportunity to study in different countries during her time at Randolph-Macon.

“I think that studying abroad bettered me as a person by forcing me to both step outside of my comfort zone and embrace a different way of life,” She said. “You learn more about yourself in a foreign setting than you do within the comforts of your home university. I also believe that there is a certain amount of knowledge about the world that cannot be learned through a textbook but by actually seeing and experiencing a different culture firsthand.” Wyatt continues to take advantage of her travel opportunities as she plans to travel to Greece this summer to work as a student volunteer at the Agora excavations run by the American School of Classical Studies.

Some students have been able to take advantage traveling during January Term to places like England and Japan. Phil Wyatt ’17 took the course “Chemistry in Winemaking” and was able to visit New Zealand and Australia for three weeks.

“The opportunity to visit Australia and New Zealand during Jterm this year has made me a much more well rounded student. The world of viticulture and enology extends much farther than most people would assume, and this class opened my eyes to the regional differences and subtle nuances found in wine made in different wine regions and through different methods. With my newly found interest in the world of wine, I can pursue further studies on the topic and create more future career opportunities for myself.”

Diversity contributes to a well-rounded character and an expansion of learning. Expand your horizons, cultivate your curiosities, and satisfy your interests! Consider studying abroad, and stop by the McGraw-Page Library this month to check out the amazing experiences and adventures of your fellow cultured students.

-Ian Ragland ’17, Junior News Editor

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