R-MC embraces the giving spirit

The Randolph-Macon community is never one to depart from the giving spirit, and that is just one characteristic which separates R-MC from various other colleges in the country. On Thursday, November 12, R-MC brought back their longstanding tradition of giving on Macon Day.

Macon Day was born in the fall of 2013. The now annual giving day was created as a fundraising strategy to encourage alumni to get into the spirit of donating to the R-MC community. In doing so, a 24-hour period was created which allowed for members of the Yellow Jacket family to give back to the college.

Due to the R-MC community’s active participation in donating throughout the previous years, the college is now listed in the Top 25 public and private schools in the nation that has maintained alumni participation. This participation has helped with R-MC’s national ranking within admission standings.

Macon Day would not be the success that it is without the help from one man—Rick Golembeski. Golembeski is the Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations at R-MC. His job is to manage all of the primary aspects of alumni relations, and to encourage alumni to contribute to their alma mater. As an alumnus of R-MC, Golembeski understands the true meaning of the Yellow Jacket spirit.

“It’s basically just rallying your alumni volunteers,” Golembeski said. “This year, we are really including the Senior Class Gift Committee in it and encouraging seniors, as well as all students from freshmen to seniors to make a contribution, even if it is a dollar.”

Even the smallest contributions given during this 24-hour campaign can go a long way. However, it is important to recognize that these donations are helping to fund various projects and events that occur all over R-MC’s campus.

“Tuition doesn’t pay for everything that this college does,” Golembeski said. “Tuition goes to a lot of our faculty, staff, and professors. But, the beautiful grounds we are in, the opportunities that we have here at The Edge, you know, activities that James McGhee does here with Student Government—a lot of that is funded by donations from alumni, family, and friends.”

In comparison to the previous years, Golembeski believes that the preparation for this year’s event was much different.

Previously, Macon Day had occurred in the spring. However, this year, the event took place in the fall.

Although the opportunity to give may have appeared to be exclusive to R-MC alumni, that was not the case. Members of the student body were also given the chance to contribute to the Macon Day festivities.

Currently, senior Rebecca Falter is a co-chair on the Senior Class Gift Committee (SGC). With her position, she has played a big part in helping to encourage student participation in this year’s Macon Day event.

“I have helped encourage other seniors to donate as a part of Macon Day and the Senior Class Gift,” Falter said. “I also informed students of the opportunity to write thank you cards to the alumni and donors, and I wrote a few cards myself.”

In an effort to show their support, many seniors, as well as freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, donated on Macon Day. In addition, many students wrote thank you cards to alumni who donated to the college.

“Donating to your alma mater is more than just giving more money to the place you paid tuition to for four years,” Falter said. “You are supporting the place that gave you a home for four years with experiences you’ll never forget. By donating, you are giving future students the ability to experience college like you did.”

If you did not get the chance to donate on Macon Day, gifts of any size will continue to be accepted throughout the 2015-2016 academic year (www.rmc.edu/alumni/ways-to-give).

In ending this year’s event successfully, the R-MC community is looking forward to next year’s Macon Day!

-Dory Jackson ’16, Senior Features Editor

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