Senior Spotlight: Jessica Rawls

Not everyone has had the opportunity to be blessed with the performance bug. However, senior Jessica Rawls has made performing one of her biggest hobbies and passions. This passion of hers began at the young age of three years old.

“My love for performing started with dance but when I got to high school, I got more and more interested in musical theatre and plays,” said Rawls. “I was a part of every production at my high school which helped me build a stronger passion for the spotlight.”

Although she gained acting experience in high school, she eventually transitioned into working within film during her senior year of high school. During her growing career, she has had the opportunity to be a part of the Christian Youth Theatre (CYT) and a couple of VCU Cinema Arts Films. However, her experience isn’t limited to this.

During her experience with the VCU Cinema Arts, she landed a starring role in a film about a little girl who is suffering with cancer.

Currently, Rawls has landed a part on a new television show called “Coney Island” that will hopefully be picked up by a major network next fall. The show draws inspiration from “The Phantom of the Opera”.

“I play Meg Giry, one of 4 main characters,” said Rawls. “Meg is a very feisty and promiscuous girl and I’ve had a great time developing her character and portraying her wild side.”

In regards to the future of her acting career, Rawls has big aspirations that include a career on Broadway.

“My biggest dream ever since I was little is to be on Broadway someday,” said Rawls. “I will never let that dream die and I plan to audition as much as I can in the future when I have the chance.”

At this time, Rawls is managing courses within her Arts Management major alongside her Drama and Women’s Studies minors. In addition to this, she participates in InterVarsity while tackling her job at R-MC’s Bookstore.

After graduation, Rawls plans to acquire a stable job before moving out to New York City or Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. However, if her show “Coney Island” makes it to network television, then might have to adjust her original plans.

Wherever Jessica’s journey takes her after graduation, we can’t wait to watch her every step of the way!

The Yellow Jacket wishes Jessica good luck!

-Dory Jackson ’16, Senior Features Editor

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