Fall formal arrives at R-MC

During this time of the year, Randolph-Macon’s fraternities and sororities are gearing up for formal season. However, the Yellow Jacket community may have ignited a new tradition this year by hosting our first school-wide formal.

The formal, hosted by the Commons Activities Board (CAB), took place on Saturday, November 7. Numerous members of the student body gathered to participate in the merriment and they had a great time. As the event came to an end, students were able to enjoy pizza from Pepicelli’s.

Overall, the event was a huge success!

Initially, CAB had only anticipated for about 100 people to show up to the event. However, they were amazed to see that over 230 students arrived for the school-sponsored formal.

CAB is responsible for hosting various activities and events on campus.

These events include mini monthly concerts in the Birdsong Café, Camptown in the spring, and monthly Craft Nights. In addition, they also have film screenings in the Suntrust Theater every weekend.

One of the great thing about the various CAB sponsored events held on campus is that they are all free for the students to attend. That’s just another perk to being a Yellow Jacket!

CAB events are put on by several members of the student body, including senior Brittaney Ritchie. Currently, Ritchie is the Director of Films. However, she still has a big role in launching all of CAB’s various events.

“The idea for formal was sparked by last year’s CAB members,” Ritchie said. “A masquerade formal was supposed to happen last fall, but was cancelled due to particular circumstances that I am not aware of. Due to the cancellation of last year’s formal, this year’s CAB wanted to try again for the annual formal idea.”

In preparation for this year’s event, all members of CAB were in charge of different aspects of the formal. From decorations to catering, these students did it all! Believe it or not, the preparation for the event began in mid-August and ended the day of formal.

“CAB decided to host a formal in order to allow everyone to participate in a ‘formal’ type event,” Ritchie said. “Greek life hosts formals throughout the year in which only those in Greek life can participate. However, with a school formal, all are allowed to attend.”

The formal served as a great opportunity for non-Greeks to participate in formal season. Sophomore Kayla Koslosky had a great experience while attending the school-sponsored function.

“There were tons of people [there], and for the most part, everyone was up on the dance floor,” Koslosky said. “It was basically like a high school homecoming, but a bit more dignified.”

Due to how successful this year’s formal was, it will now become an annual event. Get your formal attire ready Yellow Jackets, because next year’s event will take place on September 24, 2016.

If you enjoyed CAB’s Fall Formal, there are numerous events that this student-run organization will continue to host throughout the academic year.

“There are always movies shown over the weekends and in December we are having a relaxation day on the 5th where students can get free massages,” Ritchie said. “We are also planning Camptown, and are in the midst of planning spring events. A survey should be sent out soon on possible events for the spring.”

For Camptown this spring, the students have had to the opportunity to cast their votes to bring their favorite artists to R-MC.

Some of the potential acts include Aaron Carter, Yellowcard, and newcomer Ryn Weaver.

After seeing the potential artists that may venture down to the Center of the Universe for Camptown, this years’ event may be one for the books!

Stay tuned for more CAB events this school year, and The Yellow Jacket hopes to see you all at next year’s formal!

-Dory Jackson ’16, Senior Features Editor

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