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“Good & Tough.” These are the simple and compellingly meaningful words that The Martin Agency uses to describe their workplace culture. There are not many things that are both good and tough, as the agency wisely points out. Luckily, this agency is one of the few that is both adjectives, and their quality of work has single-handedly put Richmond on a pedestal in the competitive world of advertising.

While searching through The Martin Agency’s website, I began to ponder…What is something I know of that is both good and tough? Then, suddenly, it popped and sizzled into my head. Bacon. Bacon is good (questionably great), and it is also tough (but not too tough). As we have all heard, bacon makes everything better! This philosophically intuitive idiom is synonymous with the effect that The Martin Agency has had on advertising. Whatever they take on is simply made better once they have run their course with it. They have set itself apart from the standard hash browns and grits of the industry, and they have shown us why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Okay, enough with the farfetched comparisons. Let me tell you why this agency should be recognized. Although it is going to be a little difficult to sift through all of the awards and recognitions in this agency’s repertoire, I will do my best to serve them justice.

The Martin Agency has secured some of the most widely-respected brands in the world as their clients. They have done unparalleled work for names like Oreo, Walmart, Geico, Benjamin Moore, Colonial Williamsburg, Chips Ahoy!, Discover Card, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and so much more. The reason The Martin Agency has sustained such superior clients is because they establish a good relationship with people who trust their abilities, and they are tough on themselves when it comes to getting as close to perfect as possible in order to fulfill the needs of their clients.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch recently published an article honoring The Martin Agency for being included on “Advertising Age’s list of the world’s most-decorated ad agencies.” To be included on this list at all is a spectacular feat, but to be number 10 on the list is particularly remarkable. In combination with this, Geico’s “Unskippable” campaign won the London Shots award for Online Film of the Year. The London International Awards also presented this very same campaign with gold overall on November 11.

As for Oreo, the new Colorfilled seasonal campaign is offering a groundbreaking new way for gift-wrapping enthusiasts around the world to show what they are made of, and share their talents with friends and family in the form of a delicious pack of cheerfully decorated Oreo cookies. Walmart is also voicing their merry efforts to reach out to their consumers. However, the golden pipes belong to Craig Robinson in their newest Christmas song reconstructions.

The ever-so consistent Martin Agency established a name for themselves in 1975, and 40 years later they have emerged as one of the greatest businesses in Richmond.

With 543 of the best creative employees in the world, they will continue to effectively leave their “Good & Tough” stamp in every bit of work that they happily produce.

-Ian Ragland ’17, Contributing Writer

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