Abysmal season for YJ Football

Football 2Randolph-Macon Football has seen better games prior to the 2015 season. As of October 24, Randolph Macon Football has compiled a 1-6 overall record and a 0-4 record in conference play. Since the first game, it seems as if the Yellow Jackets cannot overcome the disparity of the season.

In the season opener against the Johns Hopkins University Blue Jays, the Jackets matched with the Blue Jays in the first quarter, 14-10 JHU, only to lose grasp on the closure by letting the Blue Jays score 21 points in the second quarter. The Jackets could not catch up to the Blue Jays and, with the addition of a lone touchdown in the fourth quarter, they lost the game 52-17. The collapse in the conference season opener proved to be the prelude to the rest of the season.

After the heavy loss against Johns Hopkins, the football team captured its first victory of the season against Averett. The team was able to establish itself quickly and ended the game 49-28. Freshman quarter-back Joseph Vairo showed his potential as an offensive threat by recording 376 yards and 3 touchdowns in the win. The team’s win and individual achievements, however, did not linger for long.

What has followed the Yellow Jackets’ only win of the season has been a series of unfortunate games. While playing against Methodist University, the team was able to tie the game during the first half, but lost their edge by giving up 2 touchdowns to Methodist in the third quarter. The game ended with a 31-24 loss. In their next 2 out of conference games against Catholic University and Guilford College, the team’s out of conference record continued to go downhill with 28-20 and 41-21 losses.

The Yellow Jackets had no luck within the ODAC conference either. During the first home game against Emory & Henry, the Jackets clung on in the first quarter, but gave up a touchdown in the second quarter al-lowing E&H to take the lead. Despite Bubby Morgan’s 115 rushing yards, the Jackets lost 31-21 against E&H.     In the Homecoming game against Washington & Lee, the team could not master a win. Freshman receiver Christian Redman caught 7 passes for a total of 100 yards, but despite the offense’s achievements, the Jackets lost their lead after W&L scored 2 touchdowns in the third quarter. The Jackets played a very close game, but lost 21-17.

Despite the disparity surrounding the season, players on both the defense and offense have shown their potential to become leaders on the team and impact players in the conference. Freshman players Joseph Vairo and Christian Redman have shown potential through their offensive endeavors, and junior safety Marcus Mitchell has had several great defensive games, recording double digit tackles in quite a few of them. These kinds of performances are what fans hope to see more frequently as the players continue to develop their skills.           The football team has dug itself into a deep hole this season, but individual players have shown their potential to build from the season and make their mark within the conference in future years. Despite the heavy and consistent losses, 3 games remain in the season, including a home game against Hampden-Sydney. The team has a chance to redeem its losing streak by defeating Hampden-Sydney and bringing the game trophy home to Ashland.

-Bar Hass ’16, Senior Sports Editor

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