This week in history at R-MC

After searching through The Yellow Jacket archives in Randolph-Macon’s Special Collections, The Yellow Jacket shares what was newsworthy at this time of the year throughout the decades.

The Yellow Jacket, October 1922

October 3- The Yellow Jacket reports on R-MC’s football game against North Carolina State. R-MC lost the game 2-20, but was happy to have even won a point against the well-known school.

October 3- The Yellow Jacket announces a Phi Beta Kappa chapter will be coming to R-MC.

October 19-The R-MC Tennis Team is defeated in a close match against the University of Richmond.

The Yellow Jacket, October 1932

October 19- The R-MC and H-SC football game ends with a tied score.

October 25- Democratic nominee for president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, stops in Ashland at 2:45 p.m. and speaks to a crowd of local residents and R-MC students. R-MC President Blackwell introduces FDR to the crowd when his train is stopped, and the railroad tracks are surrounded by crowds of people for up to 3 blocks. President Black-well had contacted FDR’s campaign managers and convinced them to stop FDR’s train in Ashland when he first heard that FDR would be in the Richmond area.

The Yellow Jacket, October 1942

October 16-The Yellow Jacket reports on the latest fraternity rules. All fraternity parties must end by 2:30 a.m. and they must all have an appropriate chaperone.

October 17- The Hop Committee sponsors R-MC’s Opening Dance in the Alumni Gymnasium.

The Yellow Jacket, October 1952

October 10- It is announced that the construction of the new Blackwell Auditorium is set to be finished by Christmas vacation. The delay in construction has been due to a plumber strike, leaving the plumbing and plaster work uncompleted. The Yellow Jacket, October 1962

October 26- A new house for the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity is added to campus. It was contracted for $30,000 and fifteen brothers plan to live in the house.

October 26- It is announced that $77,000 worth of renovations in the dining hall are finally completed.

The Yellow Jacket, October 1972

October 11- The newly formed R-MC Women’s Tennis Team plays against VCU for their first game. They are defeated by VCU 6-0.

October 27- The freshman class holds a doughnut sale arranged by Freshman Honor Dean George Trivett. The sale earns $28.00 and the money will be used to help pay for kegs at R-MC dances.

The Yellow Jacket, October 1982

October 26- An ad hoc committee of R-MC students and faculty present a program entitled “The Nuclear Threat-Fact or Fantasy?” to a crowd in the college campus center. The program’s aim is to distribute information about the effects and dangers of nuclear war.

October 29- 7 new classes are proposed for the spring 1983 semester, including Environmental Chemistry, Topics in Mathematical Physics, and Operations Research in Computers.

The Yellow Jacket, October 1992

October 13- A mock presidential election is held on campus and a total of 364 students vote. 11.5% of the students vote for independent candidate Ross Perot, 44% of the students vote for Democratic candidate Bill Clinton, and 44.5% of the students vote for Republican candidate George Bush.

October 30- R-MC announces that they will be adding International Studies, International Relations, and Environmental Studies majors.

The Yellow Jacket, October 2002

October 19 (Saturday)- The Beltway Sniper attacks at the Ashland Ponderosa at 8:00 p.m. A 37 year old man is shot twice in the stomach while leaving the restaurant, and consequently I-95, Route 54, and Route 1 are all shut down. All fraternity parties at R-MC are canceled for the weekend and RAs are ad-vised to keep their residents safe and inside. Classes are canceled for Monday, and the library and campus center are also closed until at least Tuesday.

October 25- A dedication ceremony is held for a $28,000 bronze sculpture of former R-MC President Earl J. Moreland. Money for the sculpture has been raised by hundreds of R-MC alumni.

October 30- Two freshmen students are arrested for suspected credit card forgery. They are suspected of stealing and using another R-MC student’s credit card.

-Emily Hewitt ’16, Copy Editor

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