R-MC Alumnus Spotlight: Andrew Rowe

Andrew-Rowe-largeAndrew Rowe, ’13, graduated from Randolph-Macon College with a major in economics and business. Currently, he works in the Admissions Department as an Admissions Counselor. While a student at R-MC, Rowe was an orientation leader, brother of Kappa Alpha Order and a member of Macon Outdoors.

Rowe said he was interested in the intramural program when he was a student, so he became involved by becoming the Intramural Coordinator as well as an intramural referee supervisor.

He was also active in the Student Government Association as a junior class senator. Rowe stayed fairly involved in many different aspects of R-MC life.

“During my four years as a student, all of the organizations I was involved in helped me to learn to work with different types of people and different personalities,” Rowe said.

Being able to effectively and successfully work with multiple types of people is a trait that Rowe said he believes will help any career-seeking student succeed in their field after graduation.

Rowe said he gained many skills through his experiences at R-MC, including leadership, communication, accountability and organizational skills. Each of these skills is highly important in being successful in the working world and is gained through participation in R-MC organizations.

There are three main faculty and staff members that Rowe said helped him through his years at R-MC. Without the assistance and support from Dr. Steven Lang, Dr. Barry Pfitzner, and Bill Blackmore, Rowe said he might not be in the place he is today.

Rowe offered a few words of advice for those who are approaching graduation either in the next month, or next year.

“Take advantage of every opportunity to get involved on campus,” Rowe said, “and make sure that you are using all of the resources that the EDGE has to offer to ensure that you have a plan going into your senior year.”

He said he believes that the earlier a student takes advantage of the EDGE program, the better their chances of success are when searching for a career.

Rowe also had some advice for those accepted into graduate school or a full-time career.

“Even if you are confident that you have gotten into a grad school or just nailed a job interview, put yourself out there,” Rowe said. “Pursue every available avenue that might lead to you being successful after you graduate.”

He said he does not want students to settle for good enough; he said he wants students to go above and beyond simply finding a career or graduate school and hopes that students are able to explore every option before them and be as successful as they can be.

“One of the most important things I learned during my four years as a student was that I thrived most when I stepped out of my comfort zone,” Rowe said.

For the next few years, Rowe said he plans to continue with his position in the Admissions Office. Within the next couple of years, Rowe said he also aspires to go to grad school to pursue a master’s degree in sports management.


-Ian Pegram, Staff Writer

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