Schaefer scores “wondergoal” in 7 seconds

It is becoming the goal heard around the campus, as moments after the opening kick-off against FDU Florham University, Andrew Schaefer stole a weak pass headed for a defender, took a couple touches to his right, and fired home a shot straight out of the Barclay’s Premier League into the top right corner of the net, giving the Yellow Jackets an early 1-0 advantage.   Mitchell Surkamp found the net again in the 39th minute, basically sealing the fate of the game early on.

It took Schaefer all of 7 seconds to find the back of the net, which goes without say-ing that the goal was one of the fastest goals ever scored in a Division III game. It is defi-nitely one of the more popular Randolph-Macon plays in recent memory, as a video of the goal has been circling social media, gathering close to 100 retweets on Twitter.

“It was definitely the craziest goal I have scored playing,” Schaefer said. “I didn’t really think about any of it, the whole play was just a reaction.”

It was quite a crazy shot, leading a lot of Randolph-Macon students and supporters to tweet the video at ESPN, trying to get the goal on its “Top 10” plays of the day. When asked about how it felt to have the video attain such a popular status, Schaefer said it really gave him a sense of satisfaction.

“Hard work in the off-season really does pay off,” Schaefer said.

Hard work has paid off for the team as well, with the Yellow Jackets improving to 4-2 on the season, already matching their win total from last year. Schaefer is currently leading the team in goals with 3 of his 5 shots finding the back of the net. The team also has already found the back of the net 12 times, almost catching last season’s total of 17 after just 6 games.

“I think the team is just excited and really looking to improve on our record,” Schaefer said of the team’s recent success.

While the Yellow Jackets have not yet started the ODAC conference play, the goal is that this success will continue. It looks like new head coach, Joshua Laux, has hit the ground running here at R-MC, and is looking to continue that success in the ODAC.   The Yellow Jackets have outscored their opponents 9-0 in their last 3 games and look to use that momentum as they open up ODAC play with a home contest against Roanoke on September 23rd.

When asked if he thinks his goal will be the goal of the season, Schaefer answered, “It definitely has a chance, but I think our team has the talent to score some spectacular goals throughout the season.”

While the Yellow Jackets will now be looking forward to bigger and better contests, it is certain that Schaefer’s goal will not soon be forgotten.

-Blake Saathoff ’17, Junior Sports Editor

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