Senior Spotlight: Sonny Murphy

One of the best parts about attending Randolph-Macon is discovering the amazing things that the student body has accomplished. For senior Sonny Murphy, achieving his unique goal has become a reality. Since October of last year, Murphy has taken on the admirable task of becoming a volunteer firefighter with the Ashland Fire Department.

“I grew up in Washington, D.C. and my mom used to take me around to all [of] the fire stations near where we lived,” Murphy said. “I guess the little kid in me never went away.”

Murphy describes his experience working with the Ashland Fire Department as satisfying because he is given the opportunity to help people in times of distress. Through the trust that has been built between him and his fellow firefighters over the past year, he feels that they have formed a natural brotherhood. Although the firefighters deal with situations that can be traumatic, Murphy believes that everyone is very supportive of each other in times of need.

As a firefighter, Murphy has had the opportunity to participate in many incredible events, including a two-day course called “Mayday, Firefighter Down”. During this course, he and his fellow firefighters were able to learn different survival techniques. While Murphy describes the course as difficult and stressful, it allowed him to learn a lot about himself.

“A lot of the technical skills are very useful in everyday life,” Murphy explained. “It’s gotten me in much better shape than I was in, but I’ve learned a lot about how far I can push myself beyond what I thought I could do.”

In November, Murphy plans to graduate from the fire academy. However, he will also tackle this goal while completing course work within his International Relations and Political Science double major. Alongside his school work, Murphy’s various extracurricular activities also include being a co-chair of the Senior Class Gift Committee. Following graduation, Murphy plans to attend law school and obtain a job in federal law enforcement. Good luck with the rest of your year!

-Dory Jackson ’16, Senior Features Editor

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