Senior Class Gift Committee

Every year, as members of the Randolph-Macon senior class embark on their final year at college, many of them come to the realization that they will soon be considered R-MC alumni. With an alumni mindset in place, many of them take advantage of the opportunity to give their first gift to their alma mater.

To help the seniors have an enjoyable and easy giving experience, Randolph-Macon has created a Senior Class Gift Committee, commonly referred to as “SCG.” The newest model for the SCG was brought to campus in 2008, and this year it is comprised of twenty senior class members with Isabelle White, Rebecca Falter, and Sonny Murphy as the co-chairs.

The Senior Class Gift Committee works “in tandem with Randolph-Macon College’s Office of Annual Giving to create a student-driven fund raising campaign.”

“The purpose of the SCG Committee is to educate seniors on the importance of giving,” Mario Jackson, R-MC’s new College Advancement Intern, explained.

Giving is an extremely important part of R-MC’s culture and the generosity from donors and alumni is what allows for so much to happen on campus and within the R-MC community.

“The hope is that seniors will recognize the importance of their generosity and continue the longstanding R-MC tradition of giving as alumni,” Jackson stated.

Having one of the highest ranked pro-grams in the country, R-MC aims to make every senior’s gift “personal and memorable.” Seniors can donate any amount of money that they would like and they can even choose what they would like their money to go towards.

“The Yellow Jacket Club for a specific sport, the academic department of their major, or to a favorite extracurricular organization” are just a few of the gift designation options Jackson suggested.

While the seniors are able to give to a wide variety of specific buildings, departments, funds, organizations, and places, they also have the option of giving to the Randolph-Macon Fund, which is comprised of unrestricted gifts. Jackson describes the Randolph-Macon Fund as an account where the gifts are not designated to any specific area. Often, the college uses the money from the Randolph-Macon Fund to help take care of some of the school’s most pressing needs.

In addition, seniors can also donate money as a way to honor someone who has highly influenced their college experience. Every senior is given the option to donate in honor or memory of a family member, friend, professor, or coach. When students decide to honor someone through a donation, the honoree will be notified that the student gave a gift in their honor. Additionally, the honoree’s name will appear in the spring commencement brochure.

There are many benefits to giving a gift early, through cash, check, or through the online website. Jackson explains that when seniors, who are 21-years-of-age or older, make a gift of any size by Monday, October 5th they can receive ½-price beer at the Homecoming Tailgate.

In addition, Jackson also shared some other exciting benefits of giving early during the fall semester.

“Seniors who give $50 or more before Friday, October 9th are invited to the Homecoming Cocktail Celebration on Friday, October 16th from 6:30 – 9:00 PM in Birdsong Hall,” Jackson shared. “Seniors who give $100 or more will qualify to be in the President’s Society, allowing them to attend the President’s reception in the spring.”

The SCG committee would like to re-mind all seniors that no gift is too small, and they encourage every member of the senior class to think about donating a gift of any kind this school year. With a goal of reaching 95% participation and raising a total of at least $7,100, the Senior Class Gift committee is working hard to try and teach every senior about the importance of giving. For more information, to donate, or to be a part of the Senior Class Gift Committee, please contact Mario Jackson or the three co-chairs Isabelle White, Rebecca Falter, or Sonny Murphy.

-Kayla Koslosky ’18, Junior Features Editor

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