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After searching through The Yellow Jacket archives in Randolph-Macon’s Special Collections, The Yellow Jacket shares what was newsworthy at this time of the year throughout the decades.

The Yellow Jacket, September 1925

Specific rules are drawn up by the Stu-dent Council for freshman students to follow. These rules include attending all rooting practices, not wearing any letters or insignia won at Prep School, wearing Fish caps while in Ashland on every day but Sunday, greeting fellow students around campus, and removing hats when speaking to professors.

The Yellow Jacket, September 13, 1935

An announcement is released stating that dancing at the college gym will be permitted under supervision of the faculty. This is a decision that was under much consideration and discussion. The gym back then is what current students now call the “alumni gym.”

The Yellow Jacket, September 23, 1955

424 students enroll for the 1955-1956 school year. Out of 424 students at the college, only 10 are international; 1 from Argentina, 1 from Jordan, 1 from Korea, 1 from Malaysia, 2 from Saudi Arabia, and 4 from Thailand.

The Yellow Jacket, September 17, 1965

315 freshmen enroll for the 1965-1966 school year leading to a record enrollment number of 810 students. College tuition fees also increase to $2050 per year.

On September 15, 3 freshmen are shot by local youth outside of Thomas Branch. No one is seriously injured.

The Yellow Jacket, September 24, 1975

Fraternity rush is held in the fall for the first time in 10 years. Although usually held in February, rush is moved to September 10-24.

Students begin questioning whether or not Campus Safety officers should be al-lowed to continue carrying pistols with them around campus. This concern arose after an officer shot at a male student for violating the College’s late night female visitation policy a few years earlier.

The Yellow Jacket, September 8, 1995

The Motel Dorms, now referred to as “Freshman Village,” finally install air conditioning. R-MC students and faculty receive their first e-mail addresses.

Washer and dryer fees in the campus laundry room are raised to 75 cents per load.

The women’s volleyball team plays their first game ever.

The Yellow Jacket, September 16, 2005

R-MC offers free tuition and housing to all displaced students whose colleges have been temporarily closed due to damages by Hurricane Katrina.

Estes cracks down and enforces that students can no longer take Tupperware or to-go cups into the dining hall to fill with Chartwells food. This newly enforced rule is in response to students bringing in multiple Tupperware containers at once and one student even bringing in a small laundry basket filled with plastic containers.

-Emily Hewitt ’16, Copy Editor

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