A letter from the editor

Dear Freshmen,

This is my third and final time writing this letter. I am so jealous of you and the position you are in right now. You are starting off with a clean slate. No embarrassing stories from the weekend or letters home about unsats.

As I enter my last year of college, I envy every single thing about you. I envy the fact that you have no idea how hard it is to carry a futon to the third floor of Moreland, I envy the fact that you don’t desire the old Macon Coffee, and most importantly, I envy the fact that you have no idea what it is like to know you have less than one year left here.

With that being said, I am also extremely thankful for the position I am in. I have been able to learn about things I had never dreamed I would study. I have gotten to see Venice and Panama City Beach. I have gained fifty sisters and even a few pounds. I learned how to do laundry and bake cookies in a microwave. I became the worst intramural ping-pong player this campus has ever seen, but I also became a well-known red velvet cake baker. These next four years of your life are going to be the best, I promise.

You may mess up, you may fall down, and you may even get a 1.8 GPA and lose your scholarship for a semester. All of this is okay. It’s called life and you are just learning.

You will have hard professors and even harder exams. Sometimes you will read until 3 a.m. and sometimes you will be fully convinced that your body is shutting down on you. All of the hard times are easily outweighed by the good.

College is waking up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday to tailgate. It is eating a whole gallon of ice cream with your roommates. It is avoiding Estes and praying your parents don’t notice how much money you spend at Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A. It is looking forward to putting your feet in the fountain at graduation. It is being proud of the diploma on your office wall in fifteen years.

With that being said, start your slate out well. Don’t skip class, don’t cause drama, and don’t land yourself on a first name basis with any of the Deans. Not going out one Thursday night will not kill you. Reviewing the flashcards during breakfast is good. Taking notes is helpful. Take advantage of everything Macon has to offer whether it is the HAC or Writing Center or just talking to your professor. They want you to succeed just as much as you want yourself to succeed.

College is more than an education, more than four years, more than a good time. It is an experience…a once in a lifetime experience. Randolph-Macon gives more than any school ever could. Take the chance to study abroad and take on internships. Sample classes, pick a major you love, and maybe even throw on a minor. Find a club that you love or maybe even go Greek. Tailgate with your friends, cheer on all the teams, and congratulate the team members in class. You’re in an extremely small school with extremely big opportunities. Life is funny that way; it gives you the best things in the smallest packages. So for now embrace Estes breakfasts, tell your parents thank you often, and never forget to stop and take a breath.

Always remember that you are you and the others are they. You won’t please everyone and everyone won’t please you. Stay true to yourself and have the time of your life because four years goes by a lot faster than you can imagine.

-Madison Guidry ’16, Editor-In-Chief

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