Quadruplets Take on R-MC

As Randolph-Macon College gears up for the upcoming school year, they will have the pleasure of welcoming a set of quadruplets onto campus who will be calling R-MC their home for the next four years.

The Jones quadruplets— Hannah, Jake, Lexi and Rachel —are originally from Chestertown, Maryland. Although they didn’t intend on attending the same school, R-MC felt like home to all of them.

Originally, the quadruplets—also known as ‘The Quads’ — discovered R-MC through their high school teacher, Alex Herman. Herman graduated from R-MC in 2000. After sharing his R-MC memories with The Quads, the siblings believed that they needed to visit the campus for themselves. After touring R-MC and other college campuses, they each decided R-MC was their top choice.

R-MC’s campus reminded the siblings of Washington College, the school their parents attended. Since Washington College is located in their hometown, the Quads had the opportunity to visit the campus on several occasions. There are several similarities between Washington College and R-MC, including a small student body size and a liberal arts curriculum.

On August 27, the Jones quadruplets traveled to R-MC for freshman move-in day. During the days leading up to the first week of classes, the siblings had the opportunity to participate in group icebreakers with their peers, attend presentations by The EDGE Career Center, and engage in other planned orientation activities.

The Quads all play soccer and lacrosse, but intend on branching out on their own throughout these next four years. Despite this, they find it comforting to know that they will be able to lean on each other for support throughout their college journey. They believe that having each other will make it easier for them to adjust to college life, especially when they are feeling homesick.

Fortunately, R-MC’s Family Weekend— October 2-4—isn’t too far away. It turns out the Quads and the rest of the R-MC student body will have the opportunity to see their parents and families before they know it.

In addition to hosting a set of quadruplets, R-MC has broken previous enrollment records for this upcoming school year. R-MC is now welcoming 413 incoming freshmen to the Yellow Jacket family for the 2015 fall semester. R-MC also has 60 transfer students starting this fall—a record within itself. As a result, the College has exceeded the 1300 mark by hosting over 1420 students.

As an added bonus, this year’s incoming freshmen are the most academically qualified class to date. This calculation has been based on the incoming students’ GPAs, class rankings, and test scores.

Although the Jones quadruplets are joining an academically inclined class, the siblings still feel prepared for college. The Quads’ parents helped to guide them through their upcoming college journey and the siblings all believe that their parents are thrilled that they have the opportunity to go through the college experience together.

In addition, it seems the Quads may not be the last members of their family to attend R-MC. The incoming freshmen have a 12 year old sister who will begin looking into colleges within the next few years.

-Dory Jackson ’16, Senior Features Editor

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