R-MC students make early stands in support of 2016 presidential hopefuls

I Voted!It’s very early in the 2016 presidential primary season, but many candidates have already made their presence known and have started to make the case for why they should be elected president in 2016.

Hillary Clinton will now face challenger Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, and a host of Republicans have emerged to compete for the GOP’s nomination.

This reporter sat down with a few R-MC students from several different classes with diverse perspectives on politics and asked their opinion on the 2016 hopefuls.

Jacob Stech ’18

Who are you thinking about supporting for president in 2016?

“I’m thinking about supporting Rand Paul for president.

I feel like he is advocating for liberty and maintaining certain freedoms from the government.

I think we don’t need the government to get into every part of our lives and I believe that is the way he feels also.”

When would you say that you decided to support Mr. Paul’s campaign?

“Back in 2012 I liked Ron Paul, and I really supported him until Mitt Romney won the [Republican] nomination.

When I heard Rand Paul might be running I thought that he is a lot like his father, and that made me want to support him.

He [Rand Paul] is a lot more like a Republican than a Libertarian, and I feel like because of that he might have a better chance to win the nomination.”

What will be the biggest challenge for Mr. Paul should he win the nomination?

“Right now the media is a big problem. The day after he announced [for president] he was on the Today Show with Savannah Guthrie and she asked him a question that wasn’t good and he got really mad about it.

I feel like he shouldn’t have yelled [at her] but he had a point.

He didn’t think that Iran was a danger at the time because it wasn’t.”

Bailey Troia ‘15

Who are you thinking about supporting for president in 2016?

“There’s a lot of research I still need to do, but I’m definitely leaning towards Hillary [Clinton].”

What makes Ms. Clinton stand out for you from the other candidates?

“I line up with the way she feels about women’s rights, reproductive rights, gay rights.”

What will be the biggest challenge for Ms. Clinton should she win the nomination?

“I’m really interested to hear Clinton’s stances on women of color and how to handle the welfare system and poverty.

I haven’t heard a lot about what she has to say about that and she’s actually been getting a lot of flak about how her feminism is ‘white feminism.’

I think she’s going to have to prove that she’s dedicated to gender equality not just among white women but for people of color.

I don’t think she’s done a good job at that so that might be an issue for her.”

Olivia Latham ‘17

Who are you thinking about supporting for president in 2016?

“I’m supporting Bernie Sanders, but I would support Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic primary.”

What about Sanders made you decide to support him?

“I like that he has a more socialist view. He believes in a more universal healthcare than what Obamacare already offers and that appeals to me.

He’s been very consistent in what he believes in the past and I believe he would be consistent if he was elected as well.”

Do you think Sanders might have a chance to beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary?

“No, not at all. I think it would be very unwise [for the Democratic Party] for him to become the[ir] candidate in the general election, because most of the Democratic Party isn’t as far to the left as he is.

Candidates need to reach out to the middle in order to win, and he would not do that I think.”

Kirby Struhar ‘18

Who are you thinking about supporting for president in 2016?

“One person I am interested in for a couple of different reasons is Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.”

What about Cruz made you decide to support him?

“I love his background, I love that he was the solicitor general from Texas, I love the fact that he went to both Harvard and Yale, and I love the fact that he was a clerk in the United States Supreme Court: It’s obvious that he’s qualified.

He’s big on defending constitutional rights and I know that some of the ways he’s gone about that have been seen as controversial but I see him as a guy that sticks up for what’s right, sticks up for what he believes in and I think he’s a force to be reckoned with.”

Do you think Cruz can win the Republican nomination?

“Yes, I think so. He talks a lot about building a coalition, reaching out to different segments of the Republican Party and bringing them all together.

I think his big tagline is “courageous conservatives” and I think he’s passionate about doing so [bringing Republicans together].”

-Henry Ashton ’15, Senior Politics/Opinions Editor (Outgoing)

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