Good Luck 2015 Yellow Jacket Seniors

Bennie Ashton '15

Bennie Ashton ’15

Bennie Ashton: “I’ll never stop writing and expressing my opinion. Hopefully that ‘journalistic’ perspective will come in use when I am creating more of a narrative structure or an anecdotal introduction for research papers in political science.”

Heather Ramey '15

Heather Ramey ’15

Heather Ramey: “I know my time on staff both as a writer and copy editor has strengthened my writing skills in general, so I hope I can put those skills to use at UVA this fall in my graduate program!”

Dionna Cheatham '15

Dionna Cheatham ’15

Dionna Cheatham: “Hopefully [I will be] working for a magazine or newspaper, but if that doesn’t happen, there is no end of careers where a working knowledge of writing will come in handy.”

Lindsey Harkins '15

Lindsey Harkins ’15

Lindsey Harkins: “I plan to use the skills I developed as a photographer to continue to take pictures and help others.”

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