Yellow Jacket Senior Spotlights – Managing Editor: Katrina Zurasky

Most people who read the newspaper do not realize all of the late nights and endless hours that are put into the paper, but managing Editor, Katrina Zurasky, knows this reality all too well. She spent much of her time on The Yellow Jacket staff making sure pictures were edited, formatting was correct, and fonts were consistent.   Although Katrina did most of the behind-the-scenes work, her favorite part of being on the newspaper staff was experiencing the process as a whole.

“I think my favorite part of being on staff was just experiencing the process,” Zurasky said. “It’s an amazing feeling to see a final product and realize that not even two weeks ago, the content was being brainstormed around a table in Student Life. To see all of the effort and time put into an eight-page spread is pretty remarkable. It’s a system of amazing people working together.”

Along with Naoko, Katrina’s favorite memory from being on staff was the late night they worked with previous editors when the computers crashed. Aside from the journalistic standpoint, Katrina’s favorite and most rewarding part of being on the staff was creating relationships with new people.

“I think creating relationships with people I never would have been friends with has been one of the most rewarding parts of being on staff,” Zurasky said. “There’s something magical in a team of people working together for the sake of one product or goal, and I’ve gotten closer to many people through the paper.”

We wish her the best of luck on her endeavors at the University of Virginia.

We cannot wait to hear all about her adventures!

-Madison Guidry ’16, Senior Features Editor

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