Yellow Jacket Senior Spotlights – Editor in Chief: Naoko Branker

Naoko Branker, the 2014-2015 Editor-in-Chief, was a member of the Yellow Jacket staff for all four of her years at Randolph-Macon. She served as a staff writer, the Senior News Editor, and Editor-in-Chief.

Looking back on her time as Editor-in-Chief, she realized that one of her favorite memories actually occurred when she was transitioning into her position.

“My favorite memory was actually before I became Editor-in-Chief,” Branker said. “When Lena was the Editor-in-Chief last year, I was helping her and Katrina with the layout for the first issue of the year, and we decided to do it during freshman orientation week. On deadline night, we were working in Student Life and at about 12:30 a.m. the computer crashed and wouldn’t work. Thankfully, we hadn’t cleared out the old office in Andrews, so we went over there and sent out the paper at 5:00 a.m. It was really stressful, but we were so glad when the issue came out and looked great.”

As Editor-in-Chief, Naoko oversaw all of the other editors and worked late nights to ensure that the paper was sent out on time.

As she moves on to the next chapter of her life, she thanks everyone who has helped her, and she cannot wait to see what the paper will hold next year.

“I just want to thank the writers and editors from this year for all of their hard work,” Branker said.

“You all made it so that I wasn’t super stressed about every issue. I also want to thank Katrina and our advisor, Gayla, for their continued guidance throughout the year.

Also, thank you to the R-MC community for working with us to get everyone’s story heard. Thank you all so much. I’m excited to hear about what everyone does in the years to come with the Yellow Jacket.”

We wish Naoko the best of luck at American University and cannot wait to see what she accomplishes.

-Madison Guidry ’16, Senior Features Editor

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