Miss YJ

Dear Fellow Yellow Jackets,

The time has come for us to part our ways as the summer is upon us. Many of us are leaving Randolph-Macon knowing that we will not be returning in the fall. Whether that means we are graduating, transferring, or just moving on from college, the memories we have made here will always stay with us.

To the graduating class, good luck! You have the whole world in your hands now, and your future is up to you. Go out into the world, make a difference, and do something incredible. Every single one of you has the power to change the world. Believe in yourself and do not fear rejection. Sometimes the best things in life are the things we have to work the hardest to obtain. Trust that you will find the right job for you, and that you will figure out what you are called to do in the work field.

To the rising seniors, prepare yourselves.

Your last year at R-MC is nearing. Take advantage of all of the opportunities thrown in your direction. Stay involved, stay dedicated, and prepare yourself for life after college.

Work hard, but remember to have fun. Try not to push away the friends you have made.

I know it can be easy to think, “Once we leave here, we are all going in different directions,” and while that may be true, the best friendships can withstand time and distance.

To the rising juniors, they say junior year is the toughest year. If that is true, remind yourselves that you once made it through your junior year of high school, and you can do it again in college. As a junior, be on the lookout for internships, and stay dedicated to your major(s). Start making lists of things you want to get done before you are walking across that stage in 2017. I know it seems like it is a long time from now, but the truth is, the time is going to fly by. Enjoy your time here as a student. College is not only about working hard, but it is also about the connections, memories, and lifelong friends you make while you are here.

To the rising sophomores, congratulations on making it through your first year of college. You may have finished your freshman year, but remember that you are still young and have a lot to learn. It is now time to grow up. New students will be coming in next fall as freshmen, and some of them may think it is best to look up to you.

If that is the case, you need to be setting a good example for them as mature adults. As first year college students, a lot of freshmen tend to “goof off ” or go a little wild, but now that you are a returning student, you have more responsibility on your shoulders. Try to be the bigger and better person in every

As we all prepare to leave R-MC for the summer, remember to have fun, live life, and enjoy every moment of every day. There is a lot of negativity in this world, so try to be a positive influence in it and you will not regret it. I will see you all next year. Happy summer!

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