The return of the Theta Chi fraternity house

On Sept. 26, 2012, the Randolph-Macon campus awoke to texts, Facebook posts, and e-mails about a fire that had claimed the Theta Chi fraternity house.   Now, the fire that took the house without warning is forgotten and new memories are being made. Three years later, Theta Chi finally has a new home on College Avenue.

On the weekend of May 2, the Theta Chi brothers opened their new 1.1 million dollar home to alumni, family, and dates during their annual pig roast. The pig roast welcomed around 150 people and lasted from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The pig roast served as the open house for the new Theta Chi home that will house 14 brothers in eight rooms next year. President of Theta Chi Andrew Schaefer is the only brother to have lived in the original house who will also be living in the new house next year.

“Even though I was only able to live in the old house for approximately a month, I am honored to be given the opportunity to live in both houses,” Schaefer said. “I am excited to bring back some of the old house traditions to brothers who have never experienced having a house.”

May 2 was not only the first time the current brothers got to go inside their new house, but it was also the first time for alumni as well.   Alumni, including those who were active members during the time of the fire, were very happy to see the new house and all of their new brothers.

“It’s very nostalgic; coming back to a place that was your home for four years and seeing the new generations making it their home,” Class of 2013 alum Ryan Recchia said. “It is a great sight to see. Standing in the back lot makes all those memories come rushing back. Even though you’re looking at a new house, [alumni] will always be able to imagine the old house and the times we had in it. It’s time to let the new members create their own memories.”

The Theta Chi alumni, current students, administration, and Theta Chi’s Nationals all worked together to make this home a reality.

After about a year of construction, everyone can now look forward to enjoying the newest home at R-MC.

“The new house is an incredible asset to the College and to Theta Chi,” Assistant Dean of Students James McGhee said. “Our Theta Chi alumni and current students worked diligently with the College to plan, design, and build a great facility that will serve the fraternity and Randolph-Macon for many years to come,”

The brothers will start to move in and make memories in August 2015. The brothers will then have an official spot to call home, and the campus will have a beautiful new asset.

“I am looking forward to having a common place for all of the brothers to gather and just have a good time,” Schaefer said. “It has been a struggle at times to all gather in one place. I am thankful the new house gives us an opportunity to do this again.”

-Madison Guidry ’16, Senior Features Editor

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