Coach Davis steps down after six seasons

One hundred and forty one wins in six seasons, three ODAC championships, six NCAA tournament appearances and a contender in the NCAA Division 3 Final Four. Those are the some of the highlights that Coach Nathan Davis has achieved in six seasons as the head coach of the men’s basketball team here at R-MC.

Davis, known for his leadership and generosity on and off the court, has inspired dozens of students to excel on the court and in the classroom.

Recently, Davis accepted the head coaching position at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. The impact he has made at R-MC will continue at Bucknell as he is sure to inspire Bucknell’s players. Davis served as the assistant head coach at Bucknell next to Pat Flannery for five seasons.

Davis’s R-MC journey began in 1993 when he came to R-MC to play basketball under the guidance of the legendary Hal Nunnally. In his first years playing on the team, he learned that being a good follower is the right preparation for being a good leader. He later served as the co-captain in his junior and senior years.

While at R-MC, Davis was selected twice as an All-ODAC player and scored 983 career points. Additionally, he is one of only five players in R-MC’s history to have had more than 500 career rebounds, 300 career assists and 100 career steals. After four successful years on the basketball team, Davis graduated in 1997 with majors in history and sociology.

After 11 years of coaching experience at the Division 1 level, he returned to his alma mater to lead the Yellow Jackets men’s basketball team. The once player and now coach was ready to leave a mark at R-MC, not only in winning championships but bettering his players in the classroom.

During his four years here, senior Trent Walker said he “has been grateful for his time with Coach Davis” because it allowed him to be “a part of a community and a team that stressed that it is important to be a part of something bigger than just yourself.”

Coach Davis’s impact on his players is obvious as he was able to shape them from the first time they stepped onto the court.

Freshman Mike Silverthorn said he was sad to see his coach leave, but Davis’s knowledge has allowed Silverthorn to develop his game by teaching him new things every practice. For Silverthorn, Davis was “always encouraging and made sure I was on top of everything in the classroom.”

This year was spectacular for Davis and the team as they finished the season 28-3 and made an Elite Eight appearance. The Yellow Jackets dominated nearly every team they faced as they had 25 consecutive wins, which is a program record.

The Yellow Jackets went 16-0 in the ODAC games and “became the first team in conference history to go undefeated during the regular season and win the conference tournament,” ABC News reported.

The season concluded with Davis being named ODAC Coach of the Year for the second year in a row. The National Association of Basketball Coaches also named him Coach of the Year in the South

This was an amazing year for Davis, and it was a great way to end his tenure at R-MC.

The leadership that Davis has provided for the program will be greatly missed. During his time here at R-MC, he was able to set records as a player and as a coach.

Even though he is leaving the campus, his home will always be here at R-MC. It is guaranteed that you will be missed during those huge games against Hampden-Sydney or Virginia Wesleyan. Thank you, Coach Davis, for providing an example for many students and athletes at R-MC for so many years. Best of luck at your new position at Bucknell.

-Jordon Lee ’16, Junior Sports Editor

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