Letter to the Editor

First, I would like to personally thank every person and organization that expressed displeasure at Kappa Alpha Order’s return (“Postponed”) to campus a few weeks ago.

Randolph-Macon received backlash on 4/14/15 when an email from Student life announced the return of Kappa Alpha Order which was suspended 1 year ago.

The backlash continued on 4/21/15 after a plaque awarded to an intramural team of white males (all KA brothers) mockingly adopted the team name “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” which was then placed on the wall of the The Brock Center.

Many students continue to defend these fraternity members as they laugh and joke about the death of Michael Brown. I would like to ask those students where they stand on the issue now.

I also understand the administrations inaction to be public approval of this vile fraternity, their deeds, and a lack of concern for people of color.

Kappa Alpha Order and the young men with their names on that plaque need to be properly punished for their repeated infractions. The least R-MC can do is to suspend the return of the fraternity until all current members have graduated.

I thought the school would be apprehensive about more negative press after the Mexico vs. Border Patrol Party, but it seems more forceful means are necessary for immediate change at R-MC.

I am eagerly waiting to see how the administration will proceed in correcting the school’s endorsement of a racist organization and the obvious mockery of Michael Brown’s death.

Editor’s Note: After the proposed return of Kappa Alpha Order, R-MC Administration and KA’s National Headquarters met and discussed the issue. They have since decided to postpone the return of the fraternity until further notice.

-Jarrod Harrison ’15, Social Media Editor

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