Randolph-Macon welcomes RMC19 on Accepted Students Day

image1 (3)On Sat. April 11, hundreds of prospective students came to our campus to take tours, visit a majors fair, explore a student experience fair and more for Randolph-Macon’s annual Accepted Students Day.

Although some people had already made the decision to attend R-MC in the fall, other students considered this day a step towards making their final decision on which college was right for them.

This experience tends to be a more authentic experience that allows prospective students to get a realistic view of how our campus is on the weekends. It also helps them to gain further insight on the academic programs and extracurricular programs here at R-MC.

The day’s schedule included an optional full tour, check-in with welcoming remarks, a majors fair and student experience fair.

After exploring the campus, the students and their parents were able to sit down and relax to enjoy a community picnic.

After the picnic, the mandatory events of the day were concluded and the visitors were given several options of other activities. For example, the school offered housing tours, which was recommended for those who have already been on a traditional campus tour of R-MC.

This tour especially focused on freshman village, senior townhouses and the Greek houses. It was highly recommended for all students who would live on campus or have an interest in Greek life.

Two other options were the one-stop tour that would allow people to see specific locations and a tour of the equestrian facilities, which is more specifically geared towards equestrian team members.

Along with these options, the students and their families were also able to talk with the counselors in the financial aid office, pay their deposits in admissions, consult with admissions counselors, browse the bookshop or purchase R-MC apparel, and even stay for the baseball game later that evening against Lynchburg College.

With the help of the Office of Student Life, including the dozens of students who came out to help, the day went off without a hitch. Successful days like this one are essential to the progression and expansion of R-MC.

It is important that our school gives off a good impression and sticks out in the minds of our visitors in a positive and exciting way.

With nearly 300 students committed to attend next year, R-MC is proving itself to be a thriving and blossoming college of growth and excitement.

The hope of the college is that Accepted Students Day will boost the nearly 300 students committed for next year to the next level, and maybe even rival last year’s class which at its prime stood at 425 students, the largest class size in R-MC history. With the continual success of events such as this years Accepted Students Day, R-MC looks like it will be breaking records for years to come.

-Kayla Koslosky ’18, Staff Writer

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