Syracuse program hit by NCAA sanctions

Syracuse’s legendary Coach Jim Boeheim has been suspended from the first nine games of the ACC of the 2015-2016 season, and 108 wins of his career record have been stripped.

The NCAA has been conducting an investigation on the Syracuse basketball program for nearly a decade.

Some of the infractions found were “academic misconduct, extra benefits, failure to follow the drug-testing policy and impermissible booster activity,” ESPN reported.

The sanctions were most severe for Boeheim because the NCAA believed that he failed to “promote an atmosphere of compliance and monitor his staff,” ESPN reported.

In response to the sanctions, the coach stated he knew that violations were taking place in the program and that he took the violations very seriously.

Regardless of his knowledge and concern of the program’s violations, Boeheim failed to correct the negatives of the program. In addition, Boeheim was only 34 wins from joining the 1,000 win club, but now he is sixth on the all-time list.

Along with Boeheim and his staff, the NCAA believed the university was irresponsible in putting a player’s success on the basketball court before academic integrity.

Among the various sanctions, the university has to reimburse the NCAA for all proceeds earned during the NCAA tournaments from 2011 to 2013.

Among the violations, the university failed to enforce their drug policy from 2001 to 2009, and “both Boeheim and athletic director Daryl Gross admitted they did not follow it,” ESPN reported.

The university disagreed with the sanctions placed on the basketball program, Boeheim and the university, and it plans to appeal the sanctions in the near future.

These sanctions also affect the university’s ability to offer athletic scholarships— three scholarships for four consecutive years— to potential players.

One of the top high school players in the country, Thomas Bryant, is considering attending Syracuse along with Kentucky and Indiana.

His final decision on what university to attend may depend on what university is able to provide the best scholarship, as well as a basketball program that is not under the scope of the NCAA.

The program plans to move forward after being found guilty of these dishonorable violations.

In order to move forward, Boeheim, his staff and the college must create an atmosphere where academic integrity and honesty are essential to their tenure in college, the program and their lives.

This example starts from the top, which is with Boeheim. His lack of knowledge or concern about these matters does not provide a positive example for his players.

When players are not treated like students but rather superstars who have their grades boosted just because they play a sport does not help the players, the college, the NCAA or the game of basketball.

The violations that the university, Boeheim and the program committed are unfortunate and do not promote the university or the sport. The NCAA sanctions deeply hurt the reputation of both the university and the basketball program.

-Jordon Lee ’16, Junior Sports Editor

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