Big Man on Campus event a success

On March 12, the Delta Zeta sorority hosted the “Big Man On Campus” talent competition at the Ashland Theater. Fourteen men participated in this talent show, each doing their best to earn the titles “Big Man” and “Mr. Congeniality.”


Participants included Baxter Carter, Sam Bowen, PJ Costello, Carrington Wentz, Zachary Sayles, Ross Wood, Landon Smith, Andrew Oakes, Alex Asbell, Tyler Walsh, Mario Jackson, Bobby Bradshaw, Chris Leggett and Kristian Spencer.


As people entered the theater, one could feel the room slowly build up in excitement to see the men compete against each other. When people looked about the room, they could see the DZ hosts, many of which were clad in elegant dresses and jewelry.


Once the show began, the exciting thrill built up as a member of DZ escorted each contestant into the room. Spokeswomen Mina Raychouni and Hannah Rogers introduced each contestant, one by one, summoning a bigger and louder applause from the pumped up audience as each contestant appeared on stage.


If it had been up to the audience, this contest would have ended with each one of these men winning.


For this competition, Dean Kathryn Hull, Dr. Serge Schreiner, Dr. Michael Fischbach and Dr. Sarah Cribbs were the judges. Each judge looked for potential strengths and weaknesses the contestants had in order to choose a winner.


The contest began with each contestant showing off their swimwear, adding dancing and other talents to curry favor with the judges. Unfortunately, those 14 were then reduced to seven.


The remaining seven then took part in the talent phase of the event. Each showed their abilities in acting, singing, dancing, martial arts or rapping.


After each performance, only four were left to face their biggest challenge: answering judges’ questions.

The winner was senior Alex Asbell who was not only named “Big Man” but “Mr. Congeniality” as well.

Asbell had competed in “Big Man On Campus” for all four years of his R-MC career.


The remaining contestants were respectful and congratulated Asbell for winning the competition.

Delta Zeta raised over $3,000 from hosting the Big Man on Campus competition and thanks everyone for supporting their philanthropy.

-Nicholas Greenberg ’18, Contributing Writer

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