Miss Yellow Jacket: New semester, new you

Hello my fellow Yellow Jackets, let me start by saying, welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed your short break and are ready for the second semester. As the second semester is now under way I just want to remind you to keep your priorities in check and to stay focused.

It is extremely easy to get caught up in the hype and action of the college atmosphere, which is not always a bad thing, but it can become daunting when it takes your eye off the prize. Typically the second semester is when people either slack off or work really hard because they slacked in the first semester.

Your best option is to work hard. Whether you were unfocused in the fall or not, it is so important to make sure that you are keeping your head in the game. Let me share with you some of my tips to keep your life progressive but fun.

Tip Number 1:

My first tip is to do your homework early. I realize this is not an option for everyone, but if it is, I highly suggested that you do your homework earlier in the day rather than waiting until later in the day or the night before it is due.

Tip Number 2:

My next tip is to start studying to tests at least a week in advance. By starting your study process a week in advance, it will allow you to commit information to memory in a more permanent way and it takes some of the stress off of having to study all of the materials for the test the night before. For mid-terms and finals I recommend that you allot 3 weeks before hand to slowly start reviewing your materials.

Tip Number 3:

For this third tip, it is really just a study suggestion, make flash cards. By hand writing things your brain is more likely to commit things to memory. Using colored ink is another way to stimulate your brain for memorization. Studying with friend is also a great way to make sure that you fully comprehend the material from your class.

Tip Number 4:

Another way to make progress in your life is to actively be seeking out internships and even scholarships for the upcoming school year. Randolph-Macon provides students with many resources to assist them in finding internships.

The Edge Career Center is a really great resource for finding an internship, and along with that many of the academic department have internships available for student.

By pursuing an internship, it gives you an advantage over other people in the competitive job market and provides you with a unique and beneficial experience.

Tip Number 5:

My last tip, is once you have made sure your affairs were in order, let loose. College is a once in a life time experience, and it’s important to do well in it, but it is also important to have fun and experience it.

There are so many different places off and on campus to go to hang out with friends and to have a good time.

Basically you guys, make sure you stay on top of your academic career. You want to keep your grades up and for people at R-MC with a scholarship, you defiantly do not want to lose it.

Work hard and set yourself up for a successful life, but all the while remember to have fun.I hope all found these tips to be helpful and don’t forget to tweet me questions using #MissYellowJacket.

-Miss Jacket

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