Kappa Sigma hosting Sets for Vets April 11 2015

Raw silence and anticipation fill the warm spring air. A single pin drop can be heard as the fierce competition reaches its peak. POW, a hard serve soars over the net with a spinning velocity great enough to slay a small bird. The anxiously awaiting team sees the ball flying and springs to

hopefully pop it up. They dive into the sand creating a fierce dust storm, distorting any view from the audience. After a few moments pass, a slight gust of wind brushes away the sandstorm, revealing the ball buried deep into the ground and providing a win for the serving team.

Ok… well, it might not be that intense of play, but the Kappa Sigma Sets for Vets 3rd Annual Volleyball Tournament will definitely have you up from your seat and cheering for more. With over 16 competing teams at last year’s tournament, there was definitely no lack of energy in the air. Teams are of two and the registration is $10 a person—a small price to pay for what is to come.

Aside from actual play, last year’s tournament offered a large array of vendors varying from Applebee’s, Kona Ice, Pepicelli’s Pizza, and more. If you have ever come out, then you already know; you will not go away empty handed.

Each of the vendors offers tasty treats and swag bags filled with keychains, cups, and discounts galore. This year there will be even more vendors, more free stuff, and a lot more fun.

Did I mention the prizes? Aside from the sheer amusement of attending the event, competitors will receive a complimentary swag bag and T-shirt. First place received 2 Keurig machines at last tournament, who knows what it will be this year? All we can say is the prizes are going to be sweet.

We are also raffling off multiple fully paid island trips this year. Even if you don’t feel like competing there will be something there for you: music, food, games, and vendors.

SAVE THE DATE: April 11 at Mary Branch Circle, We hope to see you there.

-Kenny Daniel ’16, Contributing Writer

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