Professor Spotlight: Ted Salins, Film Studies

Originally from Washington D.C., Ted Salins has been a professor at Randolph-Macon College for more than seven years. “An opportunity presented itself and I grabbed it,” Salins said about choosing his career at Macon.
Known for his hands-on classes in filmmaking and screenwriting, Salins has a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute.

“I love to teach students the nuances of expressing oneself through film language,” Salins said.

As a journalist, Salins still helps businesses make films for companies. He has previously taught film in high school and worked as a designer for a mechanical engineer in New York.

“Teaching students filmmaking with its mixture of planning, logistics, crisis management, scheduling, creativity, handling various people doing various jobs – helps shape anyone to be prepared for any skill sets whether business, law or the arts,” Salins said. “This job may actually be the one that has most shaped me.”

Since the age of five, Salins knew he wanted to pursue a career within the film industry, and by age seven, he had his first 8 mm camera.

“Nothing prepared me for the love of learning and motivation of great students,” Salins said. “I am blessed.”

The best advice Salins has for students is to “Get started, put part of every paycheck away, work your butt off. The longer you wait – the harder it will be.”


-Chelsea Mason, Junior Features Editor

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