ITS Update: more Internet changes to come

In the next couple of weeks, students, faculty and staff should all expect to see more changes from ITS and should be aware of these changes. So far this semester, ITS has encouraged all members of the R-MC community to create the ‘password self-service’ website where people went to answer security questions and create an answer profile.

Network Manager of ITS Jeff Hague said ITS still encourages everyone to go ahead and set up the password self-service to make things easier for the upcoming steps to complete the whole process.

“People have already started to get emails about the password profile setup that lets you change your password whenever you want,” Hague said. “The second part to the password self-service website is actually changing passwords, and the new policy is already in place and we’ve already been sending out emails to students, and about a week ago we started with faculty and staff.”

Hague explained that now students, faculty and staff are all able to go ahead and change their passwords if they want to, but not required to change it until April 16.

“At that point, if you try to log onto a lab computer,” Hague said, “it will come up and say ‘Sorry, you need to change your password’.”

Also, Hague said that Moodle will also require the new password, but it will not tell students, faculty or staff to change their password- it will just deny you. Additionally, students, faculty and staff should all be aware that in the upcoming weeks, Office 365 would also require a password change.

“On May the seventh, what happens is the actual password that students have in Office 365 goes away completely and what will happen then is when you go to log onto Office 365 it will come and ask us (ITS) what your password is,” Hague said. “At that point, all the passwords will be the same.”

ITS will continue to send out emails with reminders about dates before the password is actually required to be changed. Once members of the R-MC community have changed their passwords, they are allowed to change it again, but will be required to change their password from now on once a year, or every 365 days.

“Once the passwords are all tied together, students will be able to go to that password self-service site and change their password if they would like,” Hague said. “Hopefully over the summer, we will be looking to do the same thing to MyMaconWeb.”

Hague said he hopes that over the summer or into the fall term, all passwords will be in sync with one another.

“The password policy right now is really weak and really easy to guess, so we’re changing that by putting in these rules,” Hague said. “If students have not set up that profile yet, students do get kind of stuck, so we are encouraging everyone to go ahead and set up the password manager.

“When we do make the change on May 7, the mobile devices will have your old password cache,” Hague said, “so email on your mobile device will stop until you go into your settings and update the password.”

The following is a section of the email that ITS has been sending out to students, faculty, and staff explaining the new rules for the new password:

The new password policy is as follows:

• Passwords must be at least 1 day old and no more than 365 days old. (This means that you cannot change your password twice in the same day and that you must change your password at least once a year.)
• The password must be at least 8 characters long and cannot be more than 128 characters. • The password must contain at least 2 alphabetical characters – at least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase.
• The password must contain at least 1 number. (Non-alphanumeric characters are allowed but not required.)
• The system will not allow you to reuse the 5 previous passwords.

Along with the new rules on the email, ITS has given directions on how to change the password:

To change your password:

1. Go to:
2. Search for your user account; then
3. On the landing page select the option to “Manage My Passwords”
4. Follow instructions to change your password
5. REMEMBER your new password

If students, faculty or staff have any problems or questions regarding the upcoming changes, they should contact the helpline at 752-8500 or


-Anna DeLoache, Senior Features Editor

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