Epsilon Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta celebrates thirty years at Randolph-Macon

Photo courtesy of Kinsley Hall

Photo courtesy of Kinsley Hall

Why walk when you can fly? The Kappa Alpha Theta sorority has now been “flying” for 30 years at R-MC. On Sat., Oct. 25, members gathered at the sorority house to celebrate.

Kappa Alpha Theta was founded in 1870 at Indiana Asbury College, becoming the first Greek-letter fraternity for women. The founders aspired to form a group that would offer support and friendship. After creating a badge and bylaws, the first meeting of Kappa Alpha Theta was held, leading the way for other women groups throughout the U.S.

One-hundred and forty years later, the sorority has been “leading women” in more than 130 chapters all over the country and in Canada.

R-MC’s chapter has strived to uphold the ideals that the founders set forth. Thirty years ago, Kappa Alpha Theta became the second sorority on campus. Since the founding, the sorority has grown in numbers and service to preserve the values that the sorority holds close. Scholarship, philanthropy, community service and sisterhood are just a few of the ideals members of Theta aim to excel in.

President Amy Northrop said she joined because the women inspired her to become the person she wanted to be with these ideals.

“As soon as I met them during recruitment,” Northrop said, “I could tell that these women would be great role models for me, and also that we shared similar values.”

Northrop said becoming involved in the sorority has helped her in her day-to-day life.

She said it strengthens her values, makes her accountable and inspires her to be the best person she can.

Olivia Bowling, a new Theta member, said she feels that she has found a home in Theta where she clicks. From new members to graduating members, the sorority will continue to grow in the future.

“Our chapter has grown so much in a variety of categories over the past year, so I would love to see that continue,” Northrop said. “Last year, for example, we more than tripled our previous year’s total community service hours and philanthropy dollars. I hope to see the chapter continue giving back to the community and to our philanthropy as much as they can.”

According to Autumn Innes, one of Epsilon Omicron’s co-Advisory Board Chairmen:

“Epsilon Omicron has grown so much over the past seven years. The women are strong leaders and very active on campus as they have always been on the campus. They have worked hard to improve their image on campus and to make sure they are following the international policies and guidelines.

Their hard work is evident in their recent new member class of 25 who will add to the
chapter’s diversity, leadership and scholarship. The advisors are very proud of their progress and continue to support them as they make a difference on the R-MC campus and the Ashland Community.”

Theta has changed over the past 30 years, from membership numbers to community service hours. Members and alumni alike are excited to see the direction in which the chapter will head.

As they celebrate their thirtieth anniversary, it is apparent that sisterhood is not just for four years; it is for life.

-Erin Roberts ’16, Senior News Editor

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