Freshman Sportlight: Madeline Jackson

Every year, each sport team has the ability to gain fresh talent and begin a new direction. Freshman Madeline Jackson is one of the nine new members on the women’s soccer team. Hailing from Chesapeake, Va., Jackson was recruited to R-MC by former soccer coach Jim Woods. After finishing a tournament, Woods emailed her stating that she would be a great addition to the team.

In high school, Jackson said she was interested in continuing her soccer career because it allowed her “to do what she loves for another four years.” After researching the college, Jackson committed to R-MC her senior year.

For most students, adjusting to college is a new and sometimes difficult experience. For Jackson, the adjustment was easier because she said she made a best friend in her roommate who is actually one of her teammates; her other teammates were welcome additions too.

This positive environment has allowed Jackson to do what she loves, which is “focusing on her academic pursuits and playing soccer.” The transition from high school soccer to college soccer was more intense for Jackson. She said it was an abrupt transition, but overcoming it allowed her and her teammates to focus on soccer without being overwhelmed.

Even though the team runs many miles at practices and goes to intense gym workouts, Jackson said there is no place she would rather be than playing with a great group of girls. Her favorite part about soccer is being a part of a “beautiful pass sequence, which results in a scoring opportunity because it shows the chemistry of the team.”

Jackson and her team have been successful this year, with their nine wins showing that their hard work at practices pays off.

Jackson, known for her sense of humor, is described by her teammates as an easy-going and friendly person.

Jackson said her freshman year has been full of great experiences, including being a part of a winning soccer team. She said she has been ecstatic to represent R-MC on the field and has had added assists to her team’s achievements this season. She is determined to achieve her goals this season, which is “to score a goal and get her first yellow card.”

Jackson said she is excited to be a part of such a determined team, and this atmosphere motivates her to go out and give it her all on the field.

Jackson and the women’s soccer team plan to continue their successful streak as they will be taking on Washington and Lee at Homecoming Weekend and then Virginia Wesleyan on Oct. 28.

-Jordon Lee ’16, Junior Sports Editor

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