Sportlight: Courtney Lowers voted ODAC Player of the Week twice in 2014 season

Junior Courtney Lowers has never been short of success as she has been voted ODAC player of the week two times this season.

She has helped lead her team to wins in 17 of their 24 games, and has helped create an atmosphere of excitement for the players and the fans.

In the game against Randolph College, Lowers set a record for R-MC’s volleyball program with 34 kills. This also was the fourth highest total of kills in ODAC history in 10 years.

As a freshman, Lowers was named to the Third-Team All ODAC team, and in 2013 as a sophomore, she came back stronger and achieved First Team All-ODAC. This streak of personal achievements has bettered Lowers and her team as she is able to help new players.

At the five-game series against Hollins, Lowers and her team won 25-13. She scored 18 of the 25 points the Yellow Jackets recorded and devastated Hollins with 40 total attacks.

Not much changed for Lowers as she helped the Yellow Jackets defeat Eastern Mennonite University.

The streak continued for Lowers as she attained 14 kills and 43 total attacks against the three ODAC games against Eastern Mennonite.

Along with setting ODAC records, Lowers is a leader on her team by achieving 194 digs so far this season, which is the second most digs achieved by a player this season.

Also this season, Lowers has led her team with 301 kills and 823 total attacks in 19 matches.

Recently, Lowers was named ODAC player of the week for the second time. She said it was an honor for her, and it could not have been done without the guidance of her coach and the strong support of her teammates.

Lowers said her teammates “play a very large role in supporting and pushing me to the next level.” Without her teammates’ “incredible playing abilities, this honor would have been very difficult to achieve,” Lowers said.

She also said the best part about playing on the volleyball team is her supportive teammates and coach. The team is “like one big family” and assists each other on and off the court.

Lowers said this bond makes playing together easier and has led them to the ODAC semifinals in 2012 and the quarterfinals in 2013. This season, Lowers and the team are more determined than ever to win big at the ODAC finals.

Lowers and the rest of the R-MC volleyball team will be playing Christopher Newport on Oct. 24 and then going head to head against Bridgewater on Oct. 29.

-Jordon Lee ’16, Junior Sports Editor

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