RMC student Katie Hartmann plays featured background role in AMC’s “Turn”

AMC’s new television show, “Turn,” is about the untold story of America’s first spy ring, and Randolph-Macon student, Katie Hartmann, has a role in the show.

“Turn” is based on the book Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose, and it takes place during the Revolutionary War.

“‘Turn’ is based on true events, and it is about the first spy ring in America and it takes place in Long Island, New York in 1776,” Hartmann said, “and it focuses on the spy ring, the ‘Culper Ring,’ and it focuses on childhood friends that come together and go against the royal navy and the king.”

In addition to this, the AMC website explains that the “Culper Ring” is a team of secret agents who ended up helping George Washington and were the creators of modern spycraft.

Hartmann, from Fredericksburg, Virginia, is currently a sophomore at R-MC and is undecided in her major but is a film studies minor. A couple of months ago, Hartmann found out about the television show “Turn” and decided to audition for a role and ultimately was offered a position.

“I was a photo double, which is basically if you need someone’s hand or an over-the-shoulder shot, you’re not going to use the main people because that is little work for them and they only do things with their face, so they use people like me and dress them up like the main actors so you won’t be able to notice yourself,” Hartmann said. “As an extra, I was a townsfolk, and they used me in a couple of scenes which I haven’t been on yet.”

Hartmann explained that her official role was called a “featured background role” because there is a shot of her face during that scene.

Also, she found out about the role through a casting call online with the auditions being held in Richmond.

“They were halfway through the season and they needed new people, so I sent in my information such as a head shot and measurements, basically just a little bit about yourself, and they kind of look at you and place you,” Hartmann said. “About a week later, I got the call and you just have to go in for a fitting and they tell you what days and what times to be there.”

The main actors in the show are Jamie Bell, Seth Numrich, Heather Lind and many others.

Hartmann said the main actors talked to everyone as a whole, and that she got to learn a lot from them. Also, all filming was done in the state of Virginia with a lot of it being done in the Richmond area.

“The filming for this season is over with because it has already premiered, but hopefully if this season does well there will be a season two,” Hartmann said. “Hopefully, maybe I can audition for a speaking role.”

Hartmann said she was very excited when she was chosen for the position.

“I’m really into film, and I thought it would be a great experience and it is kind of like a paid internship because you get to go watch all of the really great actors and learn from them, so I was really excited to see how that worked,” Hartmann said. “I feel like even though it was a small role and I didn’t get to it until the end of the season, I definitely learned a lot about being on set and learning the lingo and just how to act, and it is a lot of fun but everyone is there to work.”

Hartmann said for the future, she definitely wants to get more involved with filming and get casted for more roles. She is currently in Professor Ted Salin’s filmmaking class, and she said that by taking the class, she got to learn the lingo which is the same on set.

“It made me really realize that that’s truly what I want to do,” Hartmann said. “It was the best experience of my life.”

“Turn” comes on AMC every Sunday night with a new episode each week, and Hartmann will be appearing most likely on episodes six through ten.


-Anna DeLoache, Senior Features Editor

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