Opinion: Ebola far from significant threat to U.S.

There is a new rumor about Ebola every time I look up. I walk through campus and there are Ebola jokes and t-shirts.

I get it; the jokes will not stop and they are okay as long as they stay at a certain level of distaste, but the media continues to scare us with a reign of terror. Ebola has not even hit the United States in full force.

Each incident has been isolated and the patients are now in the care of medical officials.

Most recently, there has been a new case of a confirmed infection in Harlem, NY. The infected person is a doctor who recently returned from overseas. Since he lives in Harlem, I am pretty sure he took the subway and a few other means of public transportation.

What does that mean for the people of New York? It most definitely means the people of Harlem and anyone who frequently leaves their borough needs to thoroughly sanitize themselves and their areas of residence.

On the other hand, life goes on; your boss and his boss are going to make extra rounds through the office and people may have an excuse to go on vacation early. We have nothing to fear; until it hits Virginia, it will continue to be a joke for us.

Now, unlike CNN who has been scaring people for weeks, I mean well.

There is only so much we can do to prevent sickness anyway. I mention CNN because they recently held a discussion titled, “Should U.S. Ban Flights from Africa?” For one of the most watched and highly respected news outlets on television, to frame the discussion of Ebola like this is just sad.

Who was in the studio when they put this title on the screen? I guess CNN just does not know Africa is a continent. Will someone from CNN please explain how do you ban travel to and from a continent?

Someone is probably going to reason that CNN was just naming Africa before they specified its countries later on. I want you to read just a little more nonfiction before trying to lie for the home of one of the United States’ most watched news channels.

The people who do not see a problem with what CNN did are the same people who think it is fine to send soldiers off to die while protecting business interests in foreign lands, but now they think it is a bit too much to allow our government to send aid in a war against a virus.

There is something very sinister about the American people’s response to the outbreak of this virus.

President Obama is trying to get nations who are not yet affected by the virus to produce policy and procedure to take on the virus which has killed so many in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The President even announced the appointment of an “Ebola czar” who will be in charge of containing the spread of the Ebola virus.

Besides allowing people to help the countries most affected by the outbreak, there is nothing more for our government to do. CNN, on the other hand, needs to be more careful.

Maybe they should just try covering and discussing things like the success Nigeria is experiencing with their tactics to battle the virus.

-Jarrod Harrison ’15, Social Media Editor

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