Opinion: Choose Brat in November for VA-7

“I am an economist,” proclaimed Professor Dave Brat at numerous points during the debate on Tuesday night. While many students poked fun at this frequently stated phrase on Twitter, it holds great meaning at a time where the national debt is around $17 trillion and the economy
continues to struggle.

However, Brat is not just an economist. He is a part of the Tea Party movement, a movement that transcends party lines.

According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), only 8.4 percent of lawmakers in Washington, D.C. possess an academic background in economics or business. They just aren’t economic experts, and this becomes obvious when you recognize that the federal government hasn’t passed a budget since 2007.

Americans desire change, and economics-minded Professor Brat is just what the doctor ordered. Like the late and great President Ronald Reagan, Professor Brat knows that “trickle-down” economics is what will bring this country back on track.

In opposition, Professor Jack Trammell will add to the tax burden by expanding government welfare programs. Welfare programs are incredibly beneficial when they aid people who need the help, but significant amounts of people currently take advantage of the system.

This is not what we need. We need to lessen the regulations on businesses to let them work. When businesses are booming, they can expand and create new jobs, thus benefiting the economy.
Professor Brat knows that breaking federal law to illegally cross the national border is an action that should not be rewarded. However, he supports proposals that will fix the system to help law-abiding individuals become citizens.

In an age where being a politician has become a long-term career, candidates who support term
limits receive a large amount of praise.

Professor Brat has signed a promise, declaring that he will only serve six terms if elected. Brat is not a career politician – he is a citizen legislator. When is the last time you heard that term? I have been politically active in North Carolina for several years, and the only time I heard “citizen legislator” was during my high school civics class. Brat supports term limits, which will ensure that our lawmakers in Washington will serve America’s best interests, instead of their donors.

Professor Brat is a true conservative: he supports the rights of the unborn; he plans on replacing the Affordable Care Act with a free-market solution that promotes competition between insurance companies which will lower costs and increase the quality of and access to care.

He has also argued that the National Security Agency is violating our Fourth Amendment right to privacy with its mass private data collection. Professor Dave Brat is an economist, my fellow students. He knows how to mend the economy and is eager to get to work. He plans to stick by the Constitution, a vital charge that Congress and our president have been neglecting for years.

Don’t forget to vote for economist Dave Brat twice on November 4!

-Lauren Keiser ’18, Contributing Writer

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