Senior Spotlight: Abel Simpson

Senior Abel Simpson, a native of Miami, FL, has been quite involved with the Randolph-Macon community, making the most of his time here for the past four years. A fraternity brother of Phi Delta Theta, a football player, and an English major with a minor in Spanish, Simpson has been a very productive student.

Simpson said he decided to come to R-MC because Coach Pedro Arruza called, and they agreed on a recruiting visit to see the campus.

“I thought the school was very small given that I went to a high school that had 4,000 students,” Simpson said.

Simpson said being involved with football really taught him a lot and has been very significant to him during his time here at R-MC.

“Football has taught me how to live my life,” Simpson said. “How to structure time, to be proactive, to work hard, to compete, what it means to be a team member; perhaps the most meaningful experience of my life.”

Along with playing football and being a brother of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, SImpson has also spent his time volunteering at Ghandi Elementary where he helped students with family difficulties.

“When I was a volunteer at Ghandi, my lunch buddy was a fifth grader,” Simpson said. “I really liked Ghandi because all the kids would love when we would get there. We played dodgeball and basketball during recess, and I could’ve sworn it was like the best time of the week for them.”

Simpson said the community and the cause were what got him interested in volunteering with the children.

Some professors that have impacted Simpson during his time at R-MC are English Professor Dr. Marisa Cull and Spanish Professor Dr. Mark Malin.

“Thanks to Professor Cull, I decided to become an English major, and thanks to Professor Mark Malin, I decided to minor in Spanish,” Simpson said. “Both are very special professors to me due to their devoted passion for their fields/subjects.”

Dr. Cull said Simpson is very responsible and that he is very interested in his studies.

“The best thing about teaching Abel is that he is often really drawn to the work that other students sometimes overlook,” Cull said. “He’s done great work for me on texts like Spenser’s Faerie Queene, and it’s because he lets himself get into the story of it, rather than focusing on how difficult and overwhelming the language can sometimes seem.”

Along with this, Cull explained Simpson is always involved inside and outside the classroom and is very responsible not only to himself but to his teammates and fellow peers.

“He’s also really a pretty cheerful presence in class – attentive, on time, willing to try out ideas in class discussion,” Cull said. “And this is the truth, he and his classmate, Katie Mumford, did the best Petruchio/Kate from Taming of the Shrew that I’ve seen in my years of doing Shakespeare performance with students.”

Simpson said his favorite class at R-MC was when he got to go back home to Miami and do an internship for biology.

“I got to go home to Miami and coach CrossFit for the whole month of January,” Simpson said. “After that, I became addicted with the sport.”

Simpson said he has created great memories during his time at R-MC.

“I will probably miss spending time with the friends I have made here,” Simpson said.

For future plans, Simpson said he intends to move back home to Miami where he will be coaching a CrossFit team there.

Simpson said students should get very involved and enjoy their time here.

“For future R-MC students, I would suggest to them to join as many activities as they can and to make as many relationships and develop those relationships as much as they can,” Simpson said. “Those people you get to meet here will be your friends forever.”


-Anna DeLoache, Senior Features Editor

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