Third annual Stop Hunger Now event Nov. 9

The Service Fellows will be sponsoring the third annual Stop Hunger Now food packaging event on Nov. 9.

According to Service Fellows Director of Finances Caroline Rhodes ’15, the international organization distributes food along with life-saving aid to countries worldwide in an effort to end world hunger in our lifetime.

“Many of the meals are distributed through school feeding programs, encouraging parents to send their children to school for a meal and an education rather than to the streets to beg or scavenge,” Rhodes said. “The impact is incredible. Until recently, one in eight people went to bed hungry every night.”

Every three seconds, someone dies from a hunger related cause, which is more people than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

Rhodes said programs such as Stop Hunger Now help to reduce these statistics, and the impact is felt worldwide.

“Now, it’s only one in nine, and only one person every four seconds,” Rhodes said. “I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a drop from 28,800 deaths to 21,600 deaths every day. That’s 7,200 people every day who aren’t dying. In short, Stop Hunger Now is a wonderful organization that is making an incredibly real impact on the world.”

Service Fellows has worked as the campus organization with a direct tie to Stop Hunger Now. They started working with Stop Hunger Now in 2012 and have primarily worked on fundraising efforts.

Rhodes said Service Fellows needs to raise $5,000 to package the estimated 20,000 meals. This year’s event is open to anyone who is interested, and the event lasts for an average of two hours.

The Service Fellows is an organization at R-MC that students join in an effort to help address social issues through service opportunities.

“Years two through four are required to graduate from the program,” Rhodes said. “In general, a year with the Service Fellows is split into two focuses. Fall semester, we focus on global needs and service through Stop Hunger Now, our only large event, accompanied by plenty of fundraising. In the spring, we shift to a local focus, through things like Macon-a-Difference day and other local projects.

“All year long, we sprinkle in smaller events, such as going to BARK, volunteering at the State Fair, cleaning up Mechumps Creek, planting flowers and helping anywhere we can in area,” Rhodes said.

“It’s a wonderful program, and I have never once regretted joining the ranks of the Service Fellows.”

Rhodes also added that they work with other service projects and organizations, such as Macon-a-Difference Day and BARK to fit the interests of what the members are passionate about.

“As we welcome new members and as the mix of the group changes,” Rhodes said, “I would love to see other consistent events develop, led by the passions and interests of the Service Fellows.”

Rhodes, who is graduating in December and works with the organization, is hopeful about the event for future years and wants it to be a permanent event held at R-MC.

“I work part-time for Stop Hunger Now, and absolutely love talking about it,” Rhodes said. “My hope is that Randolph-Macon will continue to raise funds and host Stop Hunger Now meal packaging events, and that the events will grow in size. All of our events so far, including this year, have been to package 20,000 meals.

“Most of all, I would love to see the need for the event eventually wane away, to see an end to hunger in our lifetime.”

If anyone has any questions, they can go to, or contact Caroline Rhodes at

Stop Hunger Now’s mission: “To end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable and by creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.”

-Naoko Branker ’15, Editor-in-Chief

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