Southern Living: Contest Update

Recently, Southern Living Magazine conducted a poll on their website asking readers to vote on the South’s biggest rivalry. The magazine picked the top 26 rivalries of the South and offered opportunities for prizes to those who voted.

For weeks, the link to the voting page was constantly present on Randolph-Macon students’ newsfeeds as they tried to show the power and history of our school’s rivalry with Hampden-Sydney College. This rivalry was consistently in the top three rivalries.

While Southern Living has yet to release the winners of the prizes as well as the outcome of the race, it is no doubt in the minds of R-MC and H-SC students and alumni alike that we have the oldest and one of the best rivalries in the not only the South, but the country.

According to the R-MC library archives, the first game between R-MC and H-SC took place in 1893. Today, the annual meeting between the schools’ football teams is more commonly referred to as “The Game” as both schools fight for the Tiger-Yellow Jackets Cup. The rivalry began simply between the schools’ football teams, but has since extended to every sport.

In a 2008 article by Chris Preston found on, members of the coaching staff at H-SC attempted to put the rivalry into words. A portion of the article discussed how the intensity of the games has actually calmed down in recent years as riots, fights and ejections used to be a common occurrence.

One coach said the rivalry is “365 days a year… going 1-9 is a good year if we beat Macon.” He also related the H-SC and R-MC rivalry to Army and Navy, displaying the heart and power behind the over-century-long rivalry between the schools.

The rivalry continues this year with the men’s soccer teams facing off at R-MC on Oct. 21. The football teams will meet at H-SC this year for “The Game” on Nov. 15. The men’s basketball teams are meeting twice; the first time at H-SC on Jan. 14 and then at R-MC on Feb. 11. R-MC and H-SC golf and swimming teams also meet periodically throughout their seasons at different venues. The men’s 2015 Lacrosse and tennis schedule have yet to be released.

ESPN was used in the writing of this article.

-Becca Ream ’16, Senior Sports Editor

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