Carmichael finds home in R-MC dance team

At R-MC, when someone says they are from outside of Virginia, the first question is, “How did you hear about Randolph-Macon?” The stories never seem to lack interest, and each story is unique; the same is true for sophomore Ashley Carmichael, a dancer on the R-MC dance team.

Hailing from the small town suburbs of Veliko Gradište in Serbia, Carmichael studied at a boarding school in Norway and eventually became a part of the nationally recognized dance team at R-MC in Ashland.

Growing up in the small town of Veliko with a population around 6,000 people, Carmichael said she remembers the beautiful nature surrounding the town, delicious home-cooked food and performing ballet. She started ballet when she was four and has loved every moment of it.

In August 2011, she traveled to Norway to attend a boarding school to prepare her for college.

Unfortunately in Norway, she was not able to dance as much because of the demanding academics at her school. For Carmichael, it was like something was missing because dancing “was like second nature” for her.

While in Norway, she started applying for colleges and wanted to go to one that was small that provided an art program.Carmichael looked at many schools around the United States, and R-MC was actually a random pick. She was excited to come to America and start her journey in pursuit of her degree. She came to R-MC after being offered a scholarship and learning that it had an art program.

After visiting the college, she decided that R-MC would be the place to begin her freshman year. She first considered transferring during her freshman year, but she changed her mind after learning more about the community, the classes and meeting her favorite professor, Dr. Evie Terrono. Carmichael said the small campus has brought her great joy, as she has been able to make lifelong friendships. Even though the campus is small, she said she is “still able to meet new people everyday.”

Another chapter in Carmichael’s life began when she joined the dance team this year after talking to the captain of the dance team, senior Katherine Winters, about the opportunities and achievements of the dance team.

She said she enthusiastically accepted the chance to join the dance team which gave her something to do that she loved again. She said the joys of dancing are always different and new for her, and it gives her an opportunity to take a break from her busy schedule since she is triple majoring in computer science, art history and studio art.

Carmichael can usually be found with the other dancers and cheerleaders at every football game. Some other interesting facts about her are that she knows four languages and enjoys singing. Carmichael is interested in pursuing a career in graphic design and animation.

-Jordon Lee ’16, Junior Sports Editor

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