Debate between 7th District candidates Trammell, Brat set for Oct. 28 at R-MC

The 7th District congressional race between Republican candidate David Brat and Democratic candidate Jack Trammell has made R-MC the center of the political universe.

From the buzz of Brat’s shocking victory against former majority leader, Eric Cantor, to the news of Trammell’s nomination to the Democratic ticket, Ashland has been on the radar screen of every national and local news station across the United States.

R-MC recently announced it would host a debate between the two candidates, live and on campus.

On Oct. 28, just one week before Elec­tion Day, Economics and Ethics Professor Dr. David Brat and Director of Disability Services and the Honors Program, and So­ciology Professor Dr. Jack Trammell will square off in this memorable event.

The debate will take place in Blackwell Auditorium. According to an article posted on R-MC’s website, the debate will open with both candidates having the opportunity to give opening statements and then continue with each candidate answering a series of alternating questions.

Brat and Trammell may each use their allotted time how they prefer by responding to their questions or rebutting the op­position’s answers.

R-MC, in accordance with the Federal Election Commis­sion, was able to determine the qualifications that a candidate must meet to participate in the highly anticipated debate. Three determining criteria were set:

(1) Participating candi­dates must be qualified to serve as a member of the United States House of Representa­tives.

In short, according to Article 1, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, a qualified member must provide evidence to prove that he or she is at least 25 years of age, a citizen of the United States for at least seven years and be an inhabitant of the state in which he or she is pursuing at the time of the election.

(2) Participating candidates must be eligible to run on both the special election ballot AND the general election ballot. Congressman Eric Cantor resigned from his position effective Aug. 18, leaving the 7th congressional seat vacant.

Therefore, two ballots must be cast on Election Day; one to elect a candidate to fulfill the rest of Cantor’s term, and one candidate for next term.

Hypothetically, one candidate could be elected to fulfill the opening seat, while an­other candidate is elected for the next term.

(3) Candidates must prove to have raised campaign contributions of at least $50,000. Every candidate running for every public service office must record every dol­lar raised and spent under laws set by the Federal Election Commission.

Brat and Trammell both satisfy all three conditions set forth by R-MC to participate in the upcoming debate. However, James Carr, who is running as a third party Liber­tarian, does not fulfill requirement two as he did not file certain paperwork on time to get on the ballot for the special election, nor does he fulfill requirement three as he has not raised the set amount of funds.

Therefore, while there may be additional third party candidates running in the race for the 7th congressional seat, Brat and Trammell are the only current candidates participating in the debate.

R-MC has not yet released any word of how tickets will be distributed for the event or information about other potential view­ing opportunities.

With this election and the announce­ment of the debate, Ashland is about to become host to what could be one of the most exciting congressional races of the year.

Articles on were used as resources when writing this article.

-Becca Ream ’16, Senior Sports Editor

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