Senior Spotlight: Anne Louise Schwabenton

Anne Louise Schwabenton, a native of Blackstone, Va., is a double major in arts management and studio art.
Schwabenton said she chose R-MC because she wanted something similar to her high school experience.

“I came from a small town and small high school and wanted to have the same personal experience in college as I did at my high school, Kenston Forest,” Schwabenton said. “One of the main reasons why I chose R-MC was for the community and size.”

Schwabenton has been very involved with her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, along with being a member of the Order of Omega and Rho Lambda and serving as the Business Manager for The Yellow Jacket newspaper.

“Being a member of Theta was one of the best experiences of my college career,” Schwabenton said. “Through Theta, I have made many lifelong friendships with my sisters.”

Schwabenton said Theta has also given her the opportunity to be a leader within the sorority and in other organizations on campus.

“My experiences in Theta helped me grow as a leader by being a member of multiple committees and holding two executive positions: Chief Panhellenic Officer and Chief Marketing Officer,” Schwabenton said. “I was also able to participate in many service events which gave me the opportunity to give back to the community; being a member of the Greek community at R-MC is one I would not trade for anything.”

A professor that Schwabenton said has impacted her during her college experience is Dr. Evie Terrono of the arts department. Along with this, she said she has enjoyed the small class sizes at R-MC.

“The small class sizes make it possible to have a more personal experience with your classmates and professors,” Schwabenton said. “One in particular is Dr. Evie Terrono. Dr. Terrono strengthened my love of the arts in so many ways.”

Schwabenton also said she really enjoyed her trip during J-Term with Dr. Terreno.

“[Terreno] also gave me an unforgettable experience during the baroque art J-Term trip,”Schwabenton said, “which made me realize how strong my interest and love for art is.”

She explained that her two favorite classes at R-MC were Oriental Art with Dr. Terreno and Buddhism with Assistant Professor of Religion Dr. Timothy Brown.

Schwabenton said she will miss many things when she graduates, but especially seeing friendly people on campus.

“I’m not sure if I can pick one thing,” Schwabenton said, “but I guess I’d say walking across campus and seeing familiar faces and smile; that’s the small school feel I wanted and got from R-MC.”

For plans after graduation, Schwabenton said she wants to attend graduate school in the next couple of years, but for now will be taking time off from school to continue gaining experience in the art world. For now, she will be working as an assistant to the gallery director at Gallery Flux in Ashland.

“Make the most of your experience, get involved, and cherish the moments you have,” Schwabenton said, “because four years goes by faster than you think.”

-Anna DeLoache ’14, Staff Writer

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