Senior Spotlight: Anna DeLoache

Anna DeLoache always knew she wanted to attend a small school in Virginia.

Growing up in Burlington, North Carolina and the attending Virginia Episcopal School, Anna started searching for small schools.

Her academic advisor, the late Martha Colby, highly recommended Randolph Macon for Anna.

The first time Anna visited Randolph Macon, she loved the campus setup and all of the friendly and welcoming students. Anna immediately fell in love with Randolph Macon and soon became very involved after her enrollment here.

DeLoache served as the Senior Features Editor for the Yellow Jacket Newspaper, became an initiated member of Lambda Pi Eta, a communications honor society, and worked in the Provost’s office during the summer. Although DeLoache was very involved on campus, she took full advantage of the outside opportunities Randolph Macon offers.

Along with her internships, DeLoache took full advantage of Randolph Macon’s Office of International Studies and her chance to study abroad.

“One of the reasons why I picked R-MC was because of the study abroad program they offer here. I was always interested in studying abroad for a semester. I attended Lancaster University in Lancaster, England the fall of my junior year [2012]. It was honestly the best experience of my life [and] I think students should definitely consider studying abroad during their time here at R-MC, whether for a semester or for J-Term. Tammi Reichel of the Office of International Education was a tremendous help during the application process and also was a great mentor during my time over there.”

Along with studying abroad, DeLoache had two internships during her time at Randolph Macon. She was an intern reporter at The Times-News Newspaper in Burlington and she interned for WHAN Radio in Ashland. Her internships pursued her to get involved with the Yellow Jacket Newspaper.

“I mainly got involved with The Yellow Jacket at the end of my junior year after I was a reporter intern for The Times-News in Burlington, NC. I really enjoyed the experienced at The Times-News and so I really wanted to become involved with the newspaper at R-MC because I loved writing articles.”

Not only has the Yellow Jacket had a large impact on her time here at Randolph Macon, but Professor Mary Ann Owens also influenced DeLoache and her love for journalism.

“Professor Mary Ann Owens of the Journalism Department has had the biggest impact on me because she is the one who taught me how to write articles and the reason why I became Journalism minor. I enjoyed her class, Advanced News Writing, because I got to write articles and I loved having that opportunity.”

With all of the opportunities and great friendships made, DeLoache will have a hard time leaving Randolph Macon.

Her favorite memories will be the ones spent with her friends as well as her time spent with The Yellow Jacket.
When asked what advice she would leave to future students of RMC, DeLoache said “R-MC is a wonderful school with so many opportunities. Take advantage of these opportunities, and enjoy every single moment of your time here.”

After graduation, DeLoache will be working for her family company, The DeLoache Corporation where she will be a wholesale representative for the company. She hopes to continue her passion with journalism and freelance for newspaper and hopefully move to the D.C. area within a year or so.

-Madison Guidry ’16, Senior Features Editor

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