Senior Spotlight: Emily Moore

The Randolph-Macon student body is a talented bunch, and many fellow Yellow Jackets take on a variety of different hats. However, senior Emily Moore is one who stands out amongst the pack.

Moore is a woman of many diverse talents. This school year alone, she has participated as an active member of numerous clubs and organizations, including Intervarsity, R-MC Choir, and Students for Environmental Action (SEA). However, her diverse talents are not just limited to these activities.

As a big addition to her life off-campus, Moore serves as a nanny for a young girl named Emmie. Emmie suffers from Myotonic Muscular Dystophy.

“She is smart, adventurous, funny, loving, sometimes stubborn, and happens to have Myotonic Muscular Dystophy,” Moore said. “She doesn’t let that stop her though!”

As for her on-campus life, the student body is able to see her in action as a Cheerleader for R-MC. She has actively participated in this sport throughout her four years at college.

“I love being able to stand up-close and personal to the action on both the football field and the basketball court,” Moore shared. “Cheering on the boys in football [season] and both the boys and girls in basketball [season] is one of the highlights of my college experience.”

During her final cheerleading days, Moore felt that she had learned a lot from her experience with the team. In addition, she believes that she has formed most of her closest college friendships with her fellow cheerleaders.

“As far as my team and coach go, they have been such an amazing support system,” Moore shared. “It has been a blast getting to experience some of the amazing moments we have had. I wouldn’t have wanted to share those with anyone else.”

Although being a Yellow Jacket Cheerleader is one of her more notable activities, Moore has also made an imprint on many levels within the political world. Currently, she holds an executive board position with the school’s College Republicans Club.

“Our College Republicans are very involved in State of Virginia College Republican efforts,” Moore explained. “I enjoy the fun trips we get to go on, the conventions we get to attend, the candidates we get to meet and support, the policies and laws we get to research, and the connections we make with people.”

As a member of the College Republicans club, she has had the opportunity to attend spectacular events, including the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“I was able to hear and meet so many people who have been of great influence to our nation,” Moore shared. “I was able to meet and hear Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Brigette Gabriel, and Glenn Beck.”

Even with everything that Moore has had the opportunity to embrace within the political realm, her political journey is not just limited to her work with the College Republicans Club. During the last academic year, Moore was given her dream summer internship as she worked with former R-MC professor, David Brat, on his campaign trail and in his congressional office.

“I learned so much, while having a great time,” Moore said. “I am grateful for the skills and knowledge I have learned on his campaign trail and in his congressional office. Both of these experiences helped me solidify my career path.”

After graduation, Moore hopes to move to Washington, D.C. to pursue a political career on Capitol Hill. In the meantime, she plans to finish her senior year by tackling the remaining courses within her Communication Studies major.

The Yellow Jacket wishes you the best in your future endeavors, Emily!

-Dory Jackson ’16, Senior Features Editor

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