This month in history at R-MC

After searching through The Yellow Jacket archives in Randolph-Macon’s Special Collections, The Yellow Jacket shares what was newsworthy at this time of the year throughout the decades.

The Yellow Jacket, March 1949

* March 11- Sigma Phi Epsilon wins first place in the Intramural Basketball Championship.

* March 11- It is announced that 61 men have signed up to try out for the R-MC Baseball team during the spring semester.

The Yellow Jacket, March 1959

* March 6- It is announced that R-MC has purchased between 50-60 pairs of boxing gloves and gym classes will include boxing activities for the next two weeks.

* March 11- Phi Kappa Sigma and Lambda Chi tie for first place in the Intramural Basketball Championship.

* March 20- The Yellow Jacket reports that a fee increase totaling $100 will be included in student costs for the 1959-1960 school year.

The Yellow Jacket, March 1969

* March 7- The Yellow Jacket reports that Alpha Epsilon Phi has the highest Greek GPA on campus with a combined average of 3.038. Theta Chi is in second place with a combined average of 2.787.

* March 14- Floor plans of Theta Chi’s new house are published in The Yellow Jacket. The new structure is set to cost $80,000 to construct and an additional $15,000 to furnish.

* March 21- R-MC President Luther White signs a contract with Sherman Construction Corporation to begin construction plans for a new three-story science building that will cost approximately $3 million to complete.

The Yellow Jacket, March 1979

* March 22- The Yellow Jacket publishes a “Letter to the Editor” from a concerned student who demands that kegs stolen from the freshman dorms be returned.

* March 22- R-MC receives a $1500 grant from the National Methodist Foundation to bring special cultural events to campus.

The Yellow Jacket, March 1989

* March 3- The Yellow Jacket reports that the average GPA for the fall 1988 semester was a 2.51.

* March 15-16- The original SAE house is razed more than 3 months after it burned down for unknown reasons.

The Yellow Jacket, March 1999.

* March 25- R-MC announces that Chartwells will be the new food provider on campus starting in the fall semester of 1999.

* March 26- The Yellow Jacket reports that the new college phone system will be implemented in the dorms starting in the 1999-2000 school year. Students will have to bring their own telephones from home, and unfortunately the campus phone system will still not feature call waiting, star sixty-nine, or caller ID. While some students are upset that they will have to buy their own telephones, others are happy because they will finally be able to use cordless telephones in their dorm rooms.

The Yellow Jacket, March 2009

* March 4- R-MC’s Friendly Referral Policy is instituted.

* March 5- Newt Gingrich speaks to a sold out crowd in Blackwell Auditorium. He discusses topics such as the financial crisis and the Obama administration.

-Emily Hewitt ’16, Copy Editor

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