Senior Spotlight: Erin Roberts

Many R-MC students are involved in a handful of activities and jobs. Senior Erin Roberts is no exception. Erin, a Communication Studies major with minors in Political Science and Journalism, is also the Senior News Editor for The Yellow Jacket newspaper, as well as a member of Hillel and R-MC’s Amnesty International chapter. Off campus, Erin works as a waitress at Yokozuna restaurant and at Ashland Eye Care as a receptionist.

Roberts expressed gratitude for her time with The Yellow Jacket newspaper by saying her favorite part of working on the paper is “being able to work with such a diverse and great staff.” Roberts said that not only did she grow as a writer through the newspaper, but she also has grown as a person.

As the Senior News Editor, Roberts is charged with layout assignments and securing pieces for the News section, which are the first two pages of the paper. Roberts also contributes to the paper by writing and submitting pieces of her own.

As a Communication Studies major and Journalism minor, working for the newspaper seemed like a logical role for Roberts while studying here at R-MC. In the future, Roberts hopes to either work as a publicist or at a non-profit organization as a “PR liaison for any organization that aims to better our society in some way.”

Roberts became interested in working as a publicist after interning for a publishing house. She got to see the ins and outs of the industry, and fell in love with it. Roberts began to feel very passionate for publishing publicity, making her consider it as a future career.

Roberts is also interested in working for a non-profit organization. Roberts’s interest in working for a non-profit that seeks to better the community stemmed from working with the Amnesty International Chapter (AI) at R-MC. Amnesty International aims to “educate people in our community and beyond, about human rights issues.” Amnesty International also aims to fight injustices on college campuses and the world as a whole, as well as to promote human rights.

Through Amnesty International, Roberts has found herself amazed by the passion that some people have.

“The passion that people have for a cause they believe in is unreal and amazing,” Roberts said.

Roberts wants to be able to experience that level of passion in her career, and she has considered working as a public relations personnel with a non-profit for that very reason.

Roberts also hopes that AI continues to grow and “foster relations with the community and school by supporting the human right issues at hand” after she leaves R-MC. She thinks that it would be incredible if more people on campus would become actively involved working for justice and human rights issues.

Although Roberts is not sure of which path she would like to take at the moment, she has been offered a job with TRACE International Incorporated. TRACE is “a non-profit legal services company that works in the area of anti-bribery, compliance, and due diligence.” Erin is also in the interview process with several other organizations in order to obtain a public relations or marketing position.

The Yellow Jacket wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors, Erin!

-Kayla Koslosky ’19, Junior Features Editor

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