Allie signs on to the lacrosse team

The R-MC Women’s Lacrosse team signed their newest member, Allie Jones, in a special draft day with a letter of intent signing, and an invitation for her to join the team in the first game of the 2016 season.

The Women’s Lacrosse team collaborated with the organization Team Impact to create this special occasion for Allie. Team Impact is an organization that works to connect children who face chronic and life-altering illnesses with over 400 collegiate teams across the nation. With the help of Team Impact, the Women’s Lacrosse team was paired with Allie, an energetic young athlete. The team has gotten to know and bond with Allie over the past few months through activities on campus, R-MC sports games, and by visiting her at the hospital during her recovery phase.

On March 4, the team set up a special letter of intent signing for Allie. The team was in the audience and acted as the press during the event. Allie was introduced and praised by Coach Geratowski for her strong and energetic character.

“For those reasons and so many more,” Coach Geratowski continued, “we are so pleased to offer, Allie, a position on the Randolph-Macon Women’s Lacrosse team!”

The announcement was well received by Allie and her team. The Women’s Lacrosse team supported her throughout the event by cheering her on, asking her engaging questions, such as her favorite color and favorite activities, and presenting her with a team shirt and a yellow and black lacrosse stick. Throughout the signing, Allie was professional, energetic, and happy to answer questions from her supportive audience.

In addition to the signing, Allie also joined the team in their opening game. Allie wore her R-MC sports gear as she accompanied the team in their warm-ups to prepare for a game against Saint Mary University. As the team prepared to play, Allie’s name was announced in the lineup and she joined the team in their introductions. As the first one announced, she stood on the field and was greeted by each starter as they were called. At the end of the day, Allie stood with her new team as they stood united for the national anthem. The Women’s Lacrosse team lost their match in a very close 10-12 game, but so far they have made a tremendous impact on Allie’s athletic career and, with her fearless personality, Allie has made a tremendous impact on the team.

-Bar Hass ’16, Senior Sports Editor

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